Yep, you’ve got it. Another lost soul. And this one’s a crazy maniac carrying not one, but TWO stun guns. She’s not afraid to use them.
I want to be an idol too! This way, I can get this kind of equipment anytime, anywhere and for any occasion! Dat is zee shitz.

In this episode, Keima has to conquer the heart of Kanon, a popular idol whom Keima doesn’t give a shit about (He’s actually the reason why Kanon has a lost soul now, because he didn’t recognize her). As Kanon desperately tries to be recognized by him (she even gives him a private concert) and FAILS completely, Keima explains to Elci that, in games, if a girl tries to go after the player too much, IT’S A TRAP, therefore he is ignoring this girl. However, as Kanon tries to give him another private concert in order to get his recognition, she fails again, and after some depressing thoughts go through her mind she suddenly disappears, and the episode ends.
NICE. As I was expecting another girl following the same template as the other 2 loose souls before her, I was totally surprised again by the producers of the show who decided this time to make the girl go for Keima immediately, and he would be the one to ignore her. His gaming character is definitely back on track, and we can definitely see that Kanon doesn’t interest him at all (Although he seems to have forgotten that he could get his head chopped off anytime) . Again and again, the character developments of everyone amazes me to no end. Kanon’s personality is absolutely great! Keima kept his original personality which I like (He didn’t look very pretty in this episode however sad face), and Elci was again veeeeeeery cute. I love Elci 🙂 and Keima 🙂 and Kanon for now because she carries around stun guns :).
:3 So cute :3.

Now, as for the cliffhanger: NICE x2. Another twist, woot! This show definitely never ceases to amaze me. I was afraid that there was gonna be a template eventually of “loose soul-keima conquers girl-kiss-it’s done”, however this isn’t happening and it makes the show so much better, because every episodes manages to surprise me. Oh, and did I say this show was cute? Maybe I should go read my other 4 articles mentioning that this is, in fact, the cutest show I have ever seen in my life. Just to make sure.So yeah. I can’t wait for the next episode to come out :).