The World Only God Knows OVA: Lost memories that aren't so lost

I apologize greatly for how late this post was. To be honest, I didn’t even know this was out until 40 minutes ago, when I read that the release date of this was supposed to be September 14.
Alright! So in this OVA of one of the greatest shows I have ever watched, we witness a remake of K-On as Chihiro drags Elci, Ayumi and another random girl we don’t care about into making a band, and later on a “Light Music Club”. (more…)


The World Only God Knows Episode 8: A normal day in the Katsuragi family…

Yep, this week well it was last week because I’m really late, sorry about that, anyways I’ll leave it at that was another of those in-between episodes showing off Elci’s cuteness, Keima’s heartlessness and Keima’s mom’s…Nakedness? Yeah… That kinda screwed me over, but then again I’m a girl and don’t get turned on when I see boobs… Anyways, on with the summary trying out a new style of writing too, so we’re all going to be living a new experience together =D Ok, I shut up.
This week we witness how a regular day in the Katsuragi family goes by, from each and every point of view of the characters. (more…)

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The World Only God Knows Episode 6: Depression, dependance, happiness, then disappearance… Talk about a moody girl!

Oh my gosh, does this girl give Keima trouble. I thought Aoyama was kind of stubborn and annoying with her aristocracy crap, until I met Kanon. You try to ignore her, she talks to you more, if you still ignore her, she electrifies you with tazers, and if you actually start talking to her, she calls you 50 times a day for any possible reason. Gosh, I feel SO bad for Keima.


The World Only God Knows Episode 4: It takes much more than a gamer's soul to do what Keima has done… -_-'

……I’m amazed. Keima just simply amazes me, in every single possible way. I…I… I just don’t understand how he could spend so much time on one single game. But then again, at the same time this show still made everything look cute, and the characters remained true to themselves so far. This show is definitely something that amazes me as well. (more…)

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The World Only God Knows Episode 3

This show has me completely addicted. I have to admit that the first half of this week’s episode didn’t impress me that much, however the absolute cuteness (Oh yeah did I mention how cute this show was in last week’s review? Just in case I forgot…) added in the second part of it made everything so good that I forgot the “Bleh” parts in the first half. (more…)