The World Only God Knows OVA: Lost memories that aren't so lost

I apologize greatly for how late this post was. To be honest, I didn’t even know this was out until 40 minutes ago, when I read that the release date of this was supposed to be September 14.
Alright! So in this OVA of one of the greatest shows I have ever watched, we witness a remake of K-On as Chihiro drags Elci, Ayumi and another random girl we don’t care about into making a band, and later on a “Light Music Club”. (more…)


The World Only God Knows Episode 12 [Final]: Keima has a loli fetish.

Keima has begun a new game! A game that is cheap, a game that is sure to be crappy because the character looks retarded, and a game that he still plays despite really not wanting to you know, that’s just stupid. With this, he meets Yotsuba Sugimoto she really does look incredibly weird, and ends up playing all night long with the little girl oh Keima, stop being all naughty. In the morning, Elci comes to check up on him, and finds him completely obsessed with the game, even imagining Yotsuba outside the game console, seeing her walk with him, and Keima looks all happy and merry that he has finally found this game Uh huh, yeah. You do know you’re fantasizing on a chibi little girl who simply looks retarded and that scares the hell out of me?(more…)


The World Only God Knows II Episode 10: The Challenge Starts

This week, compared to last episode, it looks like everyone loves Jun and tells her hello as she passes by the students. Meanwhile, Keima gets a diabolical plan to try and get Jun completely enraged against him so that he can get back and change to the normal route rather than the “teacher” route Knowing Jun’s personality, I think he’s going to have a hard time doing that... (more…)


The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 5: The "Real" Type

This episode starts in Keima’s house, where he is busy counting the number of gaming time he has lost while hunting down loose souls After all, he only has another 60 years to live sighs. He then asks Elci how many loose souls are left, to which Elci replies promptly and happily “Around 60, 000 or so!”.

Do not lose hope! You still have a chanc... okay, you're screwed. Do feel depressed as much as you want.