The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 4: The Empty Heart of a Demon

It is the only BIG BATTLE!!! Here come Elci and Haqua against the huge loose soul!

Although, I think at this point, "huge" may be an understatement...

Still in the theatre, they fail miserably while Keima hides in a little corner like a coward, and then Haqua begins to put the blame on Elci when Keima puts her back in her place and tells her that she needs her in order to capture the loose soul. Haqua then has a depressed phase an understandable one, at least, and then leaves, pissed off and in denial. Elci refuses to go with her because “she’ll only get in the way no you won’t“, and Keima takes her away while Haqua has lost track of the loose soul again and goes depressed. She may know theory, however she can’t put it into action and although she used to be a role model, now she fails miserably.
With this, she starts crying, and it is right then that the loose soul invades her body and takes her over. Elci feels this, and tells Keima to go back. They do so, and Haqua immediately starts attacking them, with an army of bodies also controlled by the loose soul. Since Keima is captured, Elci has to take care of everything herself, and with some advice from Keima, manages to get to Haqua and tell her how awesome she is. That brings back Haqua’s confidence, which chases the loose soul away from her and brings her back to normal alright, NOW WE’RE IN BUSINESS.
They both decide to team up, and this time Haqua takes care of the people around and tells Elci to catch the loose soul. After a bit of a struggle, they do so, and in the end Haqua leaves, after finally having shown a bit of respect towards Keima.
Sweeeeeeet episode!
As sweet as this screenshot.

To be honest, from what we got last episode, I wasn’t satisfied with how the story was turning out to be, however now that I’ve seen the end of it I must say that I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would be.
As much as I love romance, I have to say that I was glad this episode didn’t involve any, because there was a much bigger plot at stake. Catching loose souls had seemed so easy before because Elci didn’t know much about tools and the other dangers of loose souls, however now that we’ve seen that, we realize how much of a big plot this loose soul concept brings to the whole show. It’s not just another excuse for romance; there’s an actual plotline to it and it’s much bigger than we expected it to be …Okay. I’ll admit it’s still another excuse for a bit of romance. It’s a good excuse at least... Just this simple fact made me quite happy because it brings up the quality of the show by a lot.
I was also glad of how Haqua’s arc turned out to go. At first, I thought Keima would kiss her and save her just like everyone else, however it ended up being Elci that saved her, which is quite surprising, and proved that she wasn’t so useless after all. She might not have many powers and may be very clumsy, however her strong optimism and never-ending happiness are both very strong points in her personality. Also, she may not know many powers, but the ones she does know (for example the substitute jutsu yes, I simply had to reference Naruto… It was too tempting and capturing the loose souls), she knows how to use them very well.
As for the romance, there wasn’t really any of it in this episode, however it wasn’t necessary since many other things were at stake. This episode contained a lot of suspense for this show, and I was both surprised and quite happy on how it all turned out.

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  1. I’d like to point out how cute/sexy Elsie looked after Haqua slashed off the ribbon that held her ponytail. That is all. ^_^

    1. I cannot help but agree with you. She looked awesome. Then again, she always does, so let’s say she looked much better than usual, which is just way too sweet.

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