Battle Girls – Time Paradox Ep 5

The gang has to tell 100 Ghost Stories the end. ¬___¬
Okay I think I had it with this show. I know it’s supposed to be a comedy but this is just disappointing. I’m not laughing as much as I’d like to, I’m not amused with most of the jokes and importantly I find some things just plain stupid. I’m disappointed with the direction this show is going, and it’s a shame that I feel this way. Clearly this show isn’t for me but hopefully other people will enjoy it.
One of the things that was ridiculous was they were talking about ghost stories that weren’t even scary – or rather they didn’t spend time on one. I don’t care about the fact it was supposed to be hilarious – what annoyed me they missed the chance to throw in the spooky mood despite the small gags. The only thing I was laughing about this episode was Mitsuhide’s reaction to every single ghost story to the point they had to tie her up and gag her.
So yeah, I’m not going to elaborate any further since it’s really not worth my time. I’m dropping Battle Girls.


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