The World Only God Knows Episode 12 [Final]: Keima has a loli fetish.

Keima has begun a new game! A game that is cheap, a game that is sure to be crappy because the character looks retarded, and a game that he still plays despite really not wanting to you know, that’s just stupid. With this, he meets Yotsuba Sugimoto she really does look incredibly weird, and ends up playing all night long with the little girl oh Keima, stop being all naughty. In the morning, Elci comes to check up on him, and finds him completely obsessed with the game, even imagining Yotsuba outside the game console, seeing her walk with him, and Keima looks all happy and merry that he has finally found this game Uh huh, yeah. You do know you’re fantasizing on a chibi little girl who simply looks retarded and that scares the hell out of me?
He plays the game the whole day at school, keeps playing after school, and tells Elci that this game is the one that was the closest to his ideal so you really do have a fetish for weird loli girls?. His obsession goes as far as it looks like he completely fell in love with Yokkyun, and he then gets a mail of dooooom from the company that made the game: They will follow his advice to the letter in order to make the ideal sim dating game. Keima accepts, has a chibi war of himself inside his head as weird as it sounds, that’s pretty much it, then forgets the game with Yokkyun good and keeps thinking about how he should make the dating sim. The war in his head continues, then in the end he comes to a conclusion, sends the game in I think, it really wasn’t clear there and the show ends with a preview of all the new loose souls that are going to arrive in town, while Keima realizes that there may be an ideal route in the real world.
That didn’t answer my question. I don’t care if Keima has a loli fetish, I WANT A 3RD SEASON! 🙁
Anyways. Once again, like last season, I found this last episode to be really weird, because it didn’t really end, it’s more like the show put in a random episode just to finish it off. Last season, I tolerated it because the 2nd season was already confirmed. This time, if they don’t give a third season after such a crappy ending… That’s just plain sad.
So yeah. I don’t understand why Keima found this little cheap game involving a weird looking girl to be what was closest to his ideal, however I’m curious as to what the game he made is, if he made one I didn’t find it really clear and wasn’t sure if in the end he had written something or not. Apparently, all this is related to some conquest for later on, however considering this was the last episode for this season it just felt like a really weird episode, and an even weirder ending for an anime show. Now, especially since they showed all the other girls that show up later on, they’re either going to need a third season or they’re just going to leave it there and make it one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen. Frankly, a lot of things from the manga are shown that weren’t in the anime, and for the ones who haven’t read it it’s just plain annoying, unless they show a third season. Which they will. I hope. They better. sniff It would be so sad for this show to end…
But back to this episode. I liked seeing all the girls Keima has conquered this episode, it was some kind of a recap showing how well they were all doing and also it reminded us of all the cute times they had with Keima. If there was something that made us think that this was an ending, it was the fact that we saw all those girls. If not, there was about the last 2 minutes of the show, however the rest really seemed like a filler episode that they needed to put in there to add in a last episode I was told this wasn’t a filler and actually happens in the manga, however my interpretation of a filler right now is when “it just doesn’t fit with what we’ve seen so far”.
Anyways, so I think that’s pretty much it The final impression will follow later on, since I am incredibly busy right now it may be a little late! Now let’s just hope that the third season comes around soon enough! I will keep hoping!

8 thoughts on “The World Only God Knows Episode 12 [Final]: Keima has a loli fetish.

  1. I heard something that if the OVA sells well, they are planning to do 3rd season XD The episode was just average but I loved the ending 😀

  2. Hi,
    I love Yokkyun too, and both final episodes are in the manga, in fact, Yokkyun appears at least 4 times. I really was expecting to see the animated version of Yokkyun, obviously is a crappy draw, but it’s the ‘girl’ that Keima adores.
    (Sorry for my crappy english)

    1. You’re English is fine 😀 no worries. XD I find it so funny how out of all the characters in the video games, Yokkyun is like his fated lover SHOT to the point despite her horrible character design, he LOVES her. XDDDD

  3. Actually, the first half of the episode doesn’t appear in the manga at all really. Only a few key frames did and they are from the beginning of the next capture arc. I was actually enjoying the filler a lot since it was all new to me. The whole heroine cast made cameos too which was awesome. The second half I agree was pretty dull for an ending. It’s a pretty dull chapter period. Only to really serve as a “What does Keima want in a galge?” concept. I felt relaxed during this episode though because it goes back to Keima’s room and his gaming habits. I feel it’s a good way to take a break from the high tension capture arcs.
    As soon as they started showing girls from further in the manga, My eyes were glued. Especially the girl whom has a reflection with a halo. I won’t give the name but her arc is long and beautiful. One of my favorites. I think if they didn’t have a 3rd season then that last 2 minute frame was the biggest tease I’ve ever seen. I would be so disappointed. STOP YOU CANT SEE THE ENDING YET!
    The anime version is so well done. I never want it to end.

    1. // My eyes were glued. Especially the girl whom has a reflection with a halo.//
      <3 I can’t wait for that arc either, it’s going to be so badass. Season 3 is going to be so epic. XD

  4. The OVA better freakin’ sell well. It should 😛 Also, why the hell am I the only one who doesn’t seem to read the manga around here? O_o

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