Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai [Final Impression]: A Show That Likes Trolling

Here it is! The last post concerning this incredibly retarded show that is Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai. Trust me on that: This show is clearlyretarded.

Only someone as cute as she can get the top spot ^.^

Caution: Very long. You have been warned.


I think that, in this show, the plot and the storyline were what messed me up the most. Oh god. Everything was very unexpected, to the point where your brain barely understood anything until the last episode, where finally everything was explained, however it became so different from what you expected at first that it messed up your brain even more. Yet, even when I went through all that, in the end I still liked it.
The humour included in the show was really funny. All the stupid things Chitose did, all of the girl rivalry, all the beating up and the funny lines, I really liked the comedy part that lasted pretty much all season. A lot of it was completely ridiculous and retarded, but hey, it’s anime so it’s acceptable. It was very surprising sometimes, and I really liked watching the show because of that.
When it comes to the romance, that was also very well done :). In the end, except for Takashi and Asuka’s pairing which I HATED all because Takashi is an IDIOT whom I want to sadistically kill on the corner of a table, I really liked the couples paired up and the events that brought them together. They all had completely different stories, different personalities, and everything was literally very different and the fact that even the main plot was also involved with it was really great in the end. Moreover, the producers managed to make everything look really cute and it wasn’t bad romance. The producers put a lot of effort into it, and it shows.
Finally, for the ecchi parts, I’ll admit it: I couldn’t care less about boobs, and didn’t see the interest. BUT, I know for a fact that fanservice tends to attract a good amount of people, and compared to some crappy fanservice I’ve seen, this was pretty damn good and original, heck, just like everything else. It was unexpected AHEM One scene in particular, involving Gretagard and a certain lady who becomes incredibly hyper after that scene, it was ahem graphic, it wasn’t bad fanservice and the girls were hot. Moreover, sometimes it was really funny Let’s just say however that I’m glad I was watching the censored version O_o.
Now, on to the main storyline. OH BOY. Talk about having plot twists everywhere. You see, this show was so unexpected in so many ways, whatever you thought was real ended up fake, whatever you thought was fake ended up real, bad guys turned out to be good guys, people stopped existing, everything was just so incredibly confusing that in the end my brain just couldn’t comprehend anything. When I watched the last episode though, I finally understood everything, and was quite satisfied with what they gave us. I mean, as unexpected as everything was, it all made sense. I could even go back to watch all the episodes and I’d find hints everywhere that lead to the final plot point. However, it was so mixed in with tons of different things that I didn’t find any until the second to last episode, when they finally decided to move on clearly to the main plot. I also liked how the main plot was included in every episode, not just once in a while all of a sudden. There were no filler episodes, just add-ons to the main storyline that didn’t make sense until much later on, and I enjoyed that.
I really liked the ending, in a way it was very deceiving, however when you think about it, it was the only way they could end the show, because it was the only ending that made sense. Everything led up to it, and it was deceiving, but not because the show was bad, simply because everyone would have wished otherwise. To be honest, I think I like this ending better, because it was a great plot twist that didn’t end in such a cheesy way and it was different from any other show, without being bad.

You two will always remain in my heart <3

To finish off on this category, I go back to my conclusion from way back: This show is something that was made in order for any kind of public to enjoy. Girls like the romance, guys like the ecchi, “serious” people like the drama and the good storyline, and “not serious” people enjoy the comedy. I think this show was very original, very unexpected in many ways, and plotwise I was very surprised many times.

8.5 / 10

I think if this show hadn’t confused the hell out of my brain for so long I might’ve given it a better mark. For a 12 episode thing, it was quite good though.


Character Development / Description

If there’s one thing I could understand completely in this show, it was the characters. To be honest, I really liked all of them Takashi is a special case whom will be talked about later, and all the main characters had distinct personalities that really stood out from the rest. Yes, there was a lot of characters and the personalities weren’t especially profound, however I didn’t feel like the show needed more than that, because it was, after all, only a 12-episode thing.
The characters were really likeable once again, excluding Takashi, and were also paired up really well, and they added in a lot more to the main storyline in the end. The 3 guys were meant to be completely different, the 3 girls were meant to be hot and likeable and adorable sometimes, just like Naru~, and the side characters were still funny and interesting despite them only being side characters.
Of course, there were a lot of characters, maybe a little too many, I liked how some were brought back literally out of nowhere but I didn’t like how some were drawn to be super important and yet in the end they turned out to do nothing at all. I also found it really weird for us to meet new characters on the last episode… I still haven’t gotten over that.
The development of the characters was, once again, simple, but well done, well thought up, and fit in with every character. For a 12-episode thing, all the main girls had a problem solved up, the main character went through a hell of a development and even some side characters went through something because of a  few scenes AHEM like a certain scene involving Greatagard and a certain lady that became very hyper after the said scene O.o.
Now then, let’s finish it off. I need to blast off a single character. I’m sorry, but if Takashi didn’t exist, I think my life would be a thousand times better. First off, he acts off super nice, and yet he’s the naughtiest of all 3 guys, he doesn’t have attitude, he’s way too innocent and then turns around and does VERY dirty things, and he keeps believing that he’s the king of the world when he’s in fact nothing and should just go die. Then again, he can’t even do that, because that’s just how much he sucks will not say any more because of spoilers.

8 / 10

In the end, I loved Naru, Hiyoko, Chitose, Hayato, Asuka, Alice, DJ Condor and all the other side characters, I also loved the small development they went through, but I deeply hated the main character of it all and I really got confused by the amount of characters that seemed important but that turned out useless in the end. Seriously, there were just way too many people sometimes…


There’s not much to be said in this part, really. All for the simple reason that it was all reaaaaaally good :).

Look at that prettiness!!!

First off, the characters were sooooo pretteehhhh! I loved them ^.^ I also liked the OST, and the Ops and Eds were quite satisfying, despite the Op showing some characters that were pretty much useless. Apart from that, I really liked everything, and I found it really good for a show that’s that weird.

9 / 10


Basically, whatever your expectations may be when you watch this show, they will be shattered, and not in a bad way. This show was really good, however really confusing at times, and you will hopefully not be deceived when you get to the end, because despite the show being really weird, it all makes sense and the storyline is really good. The characters were also great, you will come to love most of them and you can reserve your violent emotions to Takashi, and they were most of all really pretty and I loved screencapping this show.

8.5 / 10

Recommended: Yes

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