The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 6: O____O I can't stop watching this…

Keima is back from the abyss!!!! And by who? Guess what? By the first girl he kissed way back in the first season. M’awww, isn’t that cute :3.

Remember her?

She feeds him, then asks him to make up with Chihiro, that to which Keima refuses. While he talks to her however, he notices that Ayumi seems to have some kind of memory of what happened, because she is super nice to him and feels like helping him out every time he needs it. Ayumi then leaves, and Elci repeats Ayumi’s request, to which Keima still refuses he doesn’t get involved “in the real world”.
Mwahaha. So much for refusing to talk to her.

Thanks to Ayuma’s clever tactics, Keima is stuck in the classroom with Chihiro, then has a rant to her about the methods of conquering Chihiro, you’re doing it wrong. The girl tries to get back at him by asking if he’s ever been on a date and kissed a girl more than you think, which makes Keima go all shy Tehe and Chihiro assault him because she wants to know what it’s like. She then asks Keima to help conquer her most recent “love”, then goes home and is all depressed.
He is.

The next day, Keima realizes he can get Chihiro’s loose soul out by making her kiss someone else, then he helps her out in her conquest. Chihiro has trouble believing his words I can understand… Keima needs to work his social skills sometimes…, however after a day can only notice that he’s right and plain awesome and finally believes him.
With his help, Chihiro gets closer to her crush, and at the end of the episode, Keima tells her that she will confess her love, however Chihiro doesn’t seem all that happy anymore.
*AHEM* and it wouldn't have anything to do with this, by any chance?

Awww, looks like Chihiro will slowly realize what true love is! 🙂
I really like this conquest. For one, Keima doesn’t seem to be involved directly, although I believe that maybe next episode he will be, considering Chihiro is slowly changing her mind about true love. For two, it seems like his personality is also being slowly developed, and with each arc it feels as though there is more content added and I love it.
Aw, cute, cute little Keima is all embarassed...

I’m also really glad that Ayumi came back. In a way, it gives her a purpose, and makes the whole first season suddenly more important because we don’t know who else might show up afterwards. It also makes me wonder how, once again, the main plot will turn out, and I love this because although there doesn’t seem to be what we call a main plot, it’s more like there’s a main character and the plot is, in fact, his character development. Keima needs to like girls. Real ones. For a romance show, everything is quite elaborate.
I can’t stop watching this O.O

4 thoughts on “The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 6: O____O I can't stop watching this…

  1. This show didn’t disappoint me in the least. The animators really poured in 110% effort into improving the content over the manga and I really like how this arc is turning out. I thoroughly enjoyed watching every episode so far and the animation quality, art, direction, and voice acting have been very high quality so far.
    I’m not just being a fan of the original manga here in saying that. The show is really, really well-made and inspired.

    1. Yeah I agree. I’m crossing my fingers for a third season since considering the manga is getting really good at the moment and the plot is thickening. This is probably one of the bests and lucky Manga adapted to Anime we’ve seen in a while. It may not be ‘perfect’ it’s certainly doing far better than some we have seen. X3

    2. Well, as you know I haven’t read the manga, but I have to admit as well that the show is top quality, and it happens VERY rarely that there are things I don’t like with it. If they don’t call a third season to it I might just start reading the manga :3.

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