Gosick Episode 17: Meh.

This week, we’re back in the main plot!Victorique has a talk with Kujo about her mother and how it’s all his fault that she lost the pendant AHEM she lost the pendant, and then she’s about to say something beautiful to Kujo about their relationship gasp could she be breaking out of her tsundere shell? when she’s cut off by the need to ingest delicious, delicious sweets Awww… Show, why u crushing my hopes like that?. They then leave, find a projector pointing up to the sky Hey, look at that, another unsuspicious tool that we totally ignore the use for, and meet Hunt, the guy Kujo was with on the train.
Hunt follows them, and with Victorique completely ruins the fun of magic tricks you know, sometimes you could just SHUT UP, then Kujo gets confronted by the old creepy man who’s secretly a pedophile about things Kujo never did, which leads me to believe that he’s mad at the wrong person, because Kujo would never do something like that his manly feelings go against all this.
The episode goes on with a magic trick that ends up in 2 murders, and Kujo sees Brian Roscoe, runs after him, only for Victorique to be left alone… with none other than Brian Roscoe! …Wat? Kujo instead meets Cordellia, and they have a conversation about Brian’s goal, the “box of mementos” which has already been taken away. Cordellia then gives him a right to give to Victorique, who has to “solve the riddle in order to live” and then leaves mysteriously alright then. Be that way, I guess.
Meanwhile, Brian Roscoe is busy being an ass with Victorique, and he tells her also about the box of mementos and also leaves mysteriously Seems to be these guys’ specialty these days... Afterwards, Kujo meets the old pedophile AHEM the old man, who turns out to be none other than Albert de Blois, zee evil manipulator that wishes total domination of the World. Mwahahaha… Ok I’ll shut up. Anyways, Albert tells her about how he intends to use Victorique as nothing more than a tool I knew he was a pedophile, and Kujo goes on with his manly feelings and leaves to go take Victorique away.
Meanwhile, the floodgates have opened! Everyone rushes to try and escape the oncoming flood, Kujo and Victorique included. As they run, Victorique goes on to continue the beautiful statement she wanted to say before she got hungry, and she shows how grateful she is to Kujo, how much he changed her life and how much she wants him to protect her d’Awwww 🙂. Together, they reach the train and escape the flood, saved Yaaaaay!
Awwww 🙂 Victorique, cute, cute Victorique, I’m glad you opened up to your feelings again. Kujo, manly, manly Kujo, I’m glad you once again showed your courage despite your small size and unfortunate bad luck that you’re against 2 of the strongest influences of the country of Saubure. Good luck :).
Although plotwise, this episode didn’t strike me as absolutely amazing, I must say that I enjoyed it, and really got into the story despite the fact that almost no plotpoint was explained in further detail. I’m still quite confused, and although the box of mementos is what they’re after and all that, I’m still curious as to what the whole point of this is. Really, right now, I don’t see the point of having such huge manipulators and plans all around this one little girl that supposedly is “so special” that the world fights around her. She has a brain, get over it! Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit but you get the point. “We don’t want to lose our power to science” “We want to create a war” why the fuck would you want a war? Yeah yeah, bullshit, who cares anyways -_-‘ . What I mean to say is, the main reason as to why the plot is developing is stupid.

Find yourself a purpose to fight over Victorique. Just do. Please.

Character-wise though, I was once again very satisfied. Kujo was as manly as ever I don’t think I’ll ever get over it, Victorique finally opened up and admitted her feelings to the rest of the world, Brian Roscoe is still as evil and Cordellia doesn’t seem to be as evil as Brian Roscoe, despite them hanging out together. We finally met Albert de Blois, which seems way too evil for no reason, however seeing as he’s the bad guy I’ll just tolerate it for now, and then I think that’s it! Oh yeah, Hunt is a terribly arrogant bastard and I’m happy he’s dead :).
Ah well. Hopefully next episode will be a funny one, so much for hoping for plot, now I just wish they could go back to happy-go-lucky times not involving bad plot I can’t stop ranting over.

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3 Responses

  1. James Birdsong says:

    Fantastic. Oh but you forgot part where the double murder happened because Subaru looking girl did something with a remote in her pocket. At least from my observations. Next episode she’ll be caught for the incident of this “murder of the week” mystery. Just as this episode offhandly solved mystery of the giant statue of Saint Mary or whatever-her-name.

    • Myst says:

      Ahh, you see I hadn’t noticed that pocket thing. Hey, looks like there’s another mystery that was solved right away :/

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