The World Only God Knows II Episode 10: The Challenge Starts

This week, compared to last episode, it looks like everyone loves Jun and tells her hello as she passes by the students. Meanwhile, Keima gets a diabolical plan to try and get Jun completely enraged against him so that he can get back and change to the normal route rather than the “teacher” route Knowing Jun’s personality, I think he’s going to have a hard time doing that...

Poor Elci, being the victim instead of Jun...

And so the trial starts. Jun tries to convince Keima to stop playing games, meanwhile Keima tries to piss her off and fails, which causes him to realize that since he is a problem child already he is expected to cause trouble and can’t piss Jun off because of that. After class, he is then CHALLENGED TO A PFP BATTLE BY JUN!! Yet she can’t even turn it on properly sigh. This causes Keima to get pissed off and after a while Jun tells him her whole speech about “you can’t escape reality with your games”, to which Keima replies that he isn’t like that and whatever he gets pissed off and leaves after getting knocked out by Elci, haha.
Jun goes all depressed, Keima resigns himself to follow the teacher route, and tells Elci that he will go for Nikaido from now on in order to be equal to Jun oh god. What will he do now?... With this decision however, he’s stuck with a bigger problem: How the hell will he get through Nikaido without dying in the process? O___O…
He then undergoes the process of correcting papers, and more papers, and more papers, and more papers, oh and guess what: more papers yep, that’s a teacher all right. Meanwhile, we learn more of Jun’s idealistic personality, and she gets into an argument with a bunch of students who believe that “doing nothing and letting things go is how the real world works”, which causes Jun to get mad and leave. Afterwards, she is incredibly depressed, which causes Keima to question Nikaido and to learn many things that were buried deep into the past. The episode ends as Keima is about to explore deeper into this clue that he has found…
Warning: LOTS of rambling on

I swear, this show has a way of making characters that are so deep on so many levels that it’s just insane, I don’t know how Tamiki Wakaki (the author) creates them, but he definitely knows how people think and what causes them to act in certain ways. Every time, I’m amazed by the complexity of the characters, which aren’t plain at all like in a lot of shows these days. Even the best shows usually have a good personality attached to the characters, but nothing so big and complex as this. Props.
Now, let’s talk about this arc in particular. To continue from last episode, I absolutely love Jun. She’s so idealistic and there seriously needs to be more people like her in the world, someone “too passionate”. The clash she had with those students really pissed me off, mostly because idealistic and people who are “too passionate” is what we actually need in the real world, and they’re usually the ones who get to the top because they are just so passionate. If you keep believing that in the real world nothing is possible and you let everyone step on you, then of course it’ll happen. Anyways… That clash pissed me off and I seriously can’t wait until Jun stops being depressed and shows everyone how great she is and how much she can change people, because I’m sure she can. GO, JUN!!!
On Keima’s side, not only does it look like he’s finally getting a real challenge out of a conquest, but also it looks like his “The real world is not less important than gaming” rehab is once more  underway as he looks at Jun and can’t help but blush :). I also found it really funny when Nikaido shoved her humongous breasts in his face, he obviously couldn’t help but go red and I found it hilarious. Also, as much as Jun was wrong when she thought that Keima was lonely and played games because he had no choice, she was pretty much right… He may not be on the same level as other regular problem children who play games in class, because Keima can still get any girl he wants in the real world, but he doesn’t want to because the real world is “less interesting”, “not as fun as in gamers’ world”. In a way, it’s all because he can’t seem to adapt to the real world… Maybe I’m just rambling, but that’s my theory. After all, this show seems to revolve around Keima’s problem, so he obviously has a problem and I think that’s it.
Boobies. 0_0

As for Nikaido-sensei, now she’s another character that I’m just so happy she was introduced to us. Every show needs a sadistic maniac who has way too much fun torturing our main character… :D. What would anime be if there weren’t any sadistic and evil characters involved?
Now, for the technical stuff, once more I loved the animation, how everything was shown, and once more I noticed a few symbolisms here and there, for example right at the beginning when Jun was looking at her PFP while saying “I can do this!”. It was obvious that she was thinking about Keima at the time, even if the way she said it was the exact same way as last episode, when she was about to go on her first day as a student teacher.
Oh, and this episode was really funny. I loved it.
Update concerning this season: We have been deceived. It’s only 12 episodes. Grr.

2 thoughts on “The World Only God Knows II Episode 10: The Challenge Starts

  1. The author was good at starting off Keima appearing like an invincible conquest machine, but we all know that invincible heroes become boring if they stay at the top for too long. The way he places Keima in situations that make things difficult and challenge him just gets better from here on (though he will still have a few ‘easy’ or ‘light’ encounters in between).
    In the later chapters of the manga, I always look forward to when he makes a comeback in his conquests (or re-conquests as the case may be).
    I suppose I will keep my fingers crossed for more seasons. My anime viewing just is not the same without TWOGK.
    There are at least 3-4 ‘filler’ chapters that can take the 12th episode such as Elsie’s performance review by the guys in charge of hell or the news report of Keima’s Fallen God website being popular around the world and revolutionizing the popularity of Dating Sims (Galge). Whichever they pick, I just hope that it is as epic as the 12th episode from the first season. ^_^

    1. of course it will be as epic as in the first season, why should we expect less? ;P I was really deceived when I learned that this season was ending, I really want a third season though. I also like when Keima gets a challenge, because if characters get it too easy it does get boring.

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