The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 9: Keima Hits Puberty and Falls for a Hot Teacher

This week me meet a new girl, Jun Nagase, the new student teacher at Keima’s school!

*coughcough* I smell the source of the loose soul in this sentence *coughcough*

The episode starts off with a small portrait of what her personality might be while she is on her way to school for her first day as a student teacher. She seems like a serious, cool, really nice and especially very cheerful person who is very excited to start her job. We also learn that she’s a hipster fan of wrestling and she actually compares it to teaching wow, she’s a special case. Awesome 🙂.
As she enters the classroom where she will teach gasp WHAT A SURPRISE IT’S KEIMA’S CLASSROOM, OMG WHAT IS THIS, I DON’T EVEN…, she looks weirdly at Keima who’s playing games and not listening to a word the teacher says, then wonders why the hell no one is saying anything because he’s doing shit all. She asks around, then learns that Keima is a beast that’s all there is to it and decides that SHE’S THE ONE WHO’S GOING TO TELL HIM TO STOP PLAYING GAMES!! SHE CAN DO IT! COME ON!!!

So she does… pathetically. She half chickens out, barely says anything, then runs away and Keima looks at her with a “wtf?” look That. Was cute. Quite sad, but SO CUTE!. Now outside, Jun convinces herself that Keima is in fact a lonely child who plays games because he has no choice you’ve got it wrong, trust me and she wants to SAVE HIM!!!
Keima then discusses about how much he wouldn’t be interested in a student teacher (according to his Dating Sim experience), Elci ignores what he said haha. Ditched and then Keima brings her back when they see that Jun has a loose soul inside of her and he ditches Elci for home sweet, sweet home and he even has a reasoning for him to skip class (He has to be Jun’s equal, not just a student makes sense). Unfortunately for him, he is stopped by Jun, who asks him where he’s going, then asks him if she wants to eat lunch with him. This confuses Keima, who wonders why the hell she’s making the first move you’ve got it wrong too, and then he runs away and Jun chases him, persuaded that Keima hates school Once again, you’ve got it wrong.
They then have a conversation at school, then Keima goes and talks to Elci about it, then in the end he freaks and mentions that this teacher route is going to take forever since he has been categorized as “student” and nothing else.
Oh my. How I absolutely love Jun already, and how this arc is totally going to be AWESOME!!!
First off, Jun is amazing, and in a way she’s another version of me O___o Without the loose soul part. Cheerful, always happy, determined, and always follows what she thinks with a few things that she seems to not be able to do. She also seems to be making her own ideas and would be pretty good at reading other people, if Keima wasn’t such a special case. Also, she loves a bunch of random stuff, which is awesome, and also that may not apply to me but that girl is FREAKING HOT.
Even Keima agrees. He'll never admit it, but he agrees.

Now, about the actual conquest. I really liked the fact that Keima’s plans were screwed over, now it’s going to take him more time and he’s basically forced to get out of his “perfect plan” phase and has to absolutely take the long way to get to her. Moreover, he got completely confused when Jun was chasing her and the fact that for once he didn’t understand the other person’s point of view, he was so disturbed and I loved that fact also. Moreover, he was totally falling for that girl’s pretty face and I found it pretty damn funny come on, she is hot.
Teeheehee! You naughty little high school boy 🙂

Keima basically answered for us the question of the loose soul and why it was in Jun, mostly because she “chooses ideals over reality” Nicely said, Keima and because despite all the determination that she possesses, she can’t actually act and never does what she intends to do.
I already really like this conquest, there are already some cute moments, and I’m really curious as to how Keima’s going to act around Jun now that he was labelled as a student. She screwed up his plans, now let’s hope she screws them up even more!
Update concerning this season: We have been deceived. It’s only 12 episodes. Grr.
On a random side note: THE ENGLISH TEACHER FREAKS ME OUT!!!! O________________O
SAY GOOD DAY AND I'LL GIVE YOU A COOKIE... Now gtf into my van.

2 thoughts on “The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 9: Keima Hits Puberty and Falls for a Hot Teacher

  1. This is a pretty good arc and I like the way it turned out. I can only imagine the improvements that they can make in the anime. It’s still too early to discuss a lot of it since it’s just starting though.
    Also I wonder how they can put Tsukiyo in the PV and make him buy the Yokyun game and not go past 12 episodes in season 2 T_T (really early trailer!) (this is one badass PV by the way o_o)

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that they’re going to make this longer than a half season. I hope they’ll keep it going long enough for Keima’s development to keep going!
    Also, the first trailer is pretty sweet and the second trailer seems way too freaking badass for what the show actually is O_o.

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