Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 72: Close Match

Sherry and Yusei continues their duel. Yusei decides to take more risks to savour the fun duel with a powerful opponent, while Aki grows more interested and determined to become a D-Wheeler herself. In the mean time, Sherry asks Yusei ‘what is he dueling for’, and reveals her reason is to seek vengeance against the powerful and dangerous organization known as Yliaster who had murdered her family.

Poor Stardust Dragon had to catch a truck and decided to call off the duel by chucking into the walls, (surely enough it wasn’t expecting itself to be summoned by a psychic duelist and was given an early work out before it had the chance to fight *SHOT*) !
So it Sherry reveals that her reason for dueling is to find the culprits, which she had discovered to be an organization known as Yliaster who were the ones who are connected to her parent’s death after being murdered. This is quite something since not only we known Yliaster has been doing things behind the scenes since season 1, but was also, according to Aki were considered quite a threat to the Arcadia Movement. So that speaks volumes of what kind of group this is. I mean seriously for the Arcadia Movement to feel threatened when they have superior powers, yeah that’s something. Also, another thing to not forget is that, it has been revealed in the previous GHOST incident that Yliasters are likely the ones behind it – their motive however is still unknown.
With that aside, you guys must’ve noticed that, LIPS ARE SHOWING LIKE THEY SUDDENLY PUT LIPSTICK ON OR SOMETHING. That’s right, when we look back to the previous episode and this episode, Aki’s and Sherry’s lips: (Episode 71 on the Left VS Episode 72 on the Right) – Heck we see Yusei’s lips too, but it’s more subtle.

But it wasn’t a bad thing. In fact it made both ladies look very pretty and it kind of made a bigger impact in a way because of the way things were going. Sherry was going on and on how she understood Yusei, and Aki – as expected, grew very jealous. Not only that, Sherry played a role by indirectly encouraging Aki take another step closer to Yusei by learning how to ride a D-Wheel. (Heck I was thrilled that she was like, “NO WAY! I’M STAYING ON!!!!) XD And to think she didn’t want to get on it in the first place – she certainly would have missed out alot if she didn’t and probably regret it!!!
Oh yes, and one more thing about Sherry: It looks like she accepts Aki as a psychic duelist.
Overall, very good episode – we got plot development, character growth, and a very exciting duel to watch that could’ve ended with Sherry being victorious. And better yet, the animation remained top notch. <3


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  1. Sherry’s Sacred Knight’s effect activates when it’s destroyed by “effect”, not by “battle”. So the result still remain unknown

    1. Thanks for clearing that up. I re-watched that scene several times because I was slightly confused. XD

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