The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 2: It's DATE TIME!

Kasuga might be denying it, but it’s still true: Let’s go on a date!Alright, so in this second episode, both Kasuga and Keima realize that this isn’t a date, or should I say Kasuga tries to convince herself that it isn’t a date and it’s not working very well.
Now, Keima and Kasuga obviously being perfect date buddies Please note the sarcasm, Keima decides to bring Kasuga to a game shop, then Kasuga gets bored and decides that a sports shop would be a MUCH better idea! Hmm, yeah. About that. Learn to date. Both of you. Just sayin’.

Well no duh.

Seeing as it’s obviously not working, the idea that Keima has is to bring Kasuga to an arcade and play WHACK-A-LOBSTER! Since it involves both martial arts and gaming, of course it would help their communication! I don’t think we have the same concept of “a good idea”... Now, after Kasuga’s competitive side has come into play, afterwards the 2 of them go through different activities that are considered “date appropriate”, however Keima never stops playing his PFP and really doesn’t care about her girl during the whole day Tss, tss, tss… disappointment.
By the end of the day, Keima and Kasuga are now in the park, wondering how to get rid of Kasuga’s second personality-ghost-thing because their failed date didn’t work, and Kasuga finally gets an awesome idea of buying an ice cream cone and sharing it.
Yep. Finally it reached Keima, it's about time -_-'. *side note* Best reaction ever. Seriously.

After they have done so Tehehe, Keima’s reaction was so lovely 😀, Kasuga has a fight with herself literally and then with the help of Keima manages to cooperate with her feminine side, with only one condition: In the end she kisses Keima. We then learn that she has accepted her feminie side, and then the episode ends as Keima looks neutral and seems like he doesn’t care, even though I know on the inside that he does suspicious stare.
Elci FTW.

Oh my, how I love this show. As clichéd as Kasuga’s personality was, this episode was simply hilarious, cute and still Keima’s personality was developed a little more.
The date was so funny! It was a complete failure of a date in my opinion, I mean Keima didn’t give two shits about Kasuga, and in the end it made it really funny and I laughed a lot. Also, as rude as it is to Kasuga, I have to admit that playing PSP Oh wait, I meant PFP… Because the consoles have so many differences, they could never be considered to be the same while going to the movies is WIN.
The cute side of the show, well, I said it, was simply lovely. The ice cream cone scene and the kissing scene are definitely on the top, however the small bits where Kasuga’s split personality expressed her feelings also had their dose of ‘adorable’ put into them.
I liked Keima’s character development as well. It might have barely shown, but to me these were big differences and despite the slowness of it, I see the story progressing! This episode, I loved the fact that Kasuga was the one who kissed him, it must have surprised him to the max and it definitely must have embarassed him!
Next week we will be meeting another loose soul hunter, and unless I’m wrong I think it’s Elci’s sister!
So, overall, what do I think of this second season right now?
… Do I even need to say it?

IT’S SO CUUUUUTE!!!!!! smiles like an idiot Yes, I love this show and its adorable moments that much 😀

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  1. I like how this arc turned out. I think the voice acting really helped make it so much better (so kudos to the VAs). Overall I am satisfied with how this was done and I believe it is again a step up better than the manga (I didn’t like the arc much in the manga). ^_^

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