This week, as the last episode of the first season has made its appearance, Katsuragi Keima is fired up! HE. NEEDS. GAMING. BADLY. He needs it so much that he decides to turn into a zombie and lock himself up into his room.

If only I knew what I was about to witness...

Elci is against this, and decides to go into his room and finds out why exactly Keima is called the God of Conquest.  He’s playing freaking 6 games at the same time!!!!!!!!! Not only that, he knows what is happening in every single game he’s playing and can make all the girls kiss him at the same time
O.O Sweet room. Except I would have anime on these screens instead of dating games :D.

Keima, you really are a God. That right there deserves an incredible amount of respect that you just got from me.
So anyways, Keima spends the whole day gaming like an absolute maniac, and at night, Elci tells him that she finds he is wasting his youth and he should not stay in his room all the time to play games. Keima replies that he enjoys gaming so much and he is not sad at all, and goes back to gaming mode by playing 24 games at the same time. 24?!?!?!?!? Respect That’s crazy amazing!!!!!!! That’s just insaaaaane!
Well it is so that he spends an incredible amount of time in God mode, and in the end he’s so exhausted that he can’t finish this last game (one that he’s been playing since the beginning, which doesn’t make too much sense since they made it look like he was progressing at the same speed in every single game…). He gets help however from the girls in his games, and in the end he disappears in the gaming world probably his dreams.

Impression: Well, that was…. interesting I guess, for an ending… There was no development whatsoever of anything, but you know what, they already told us there was going to be a second season, so whatever. That’s probably why they didn’t bother making it romantic or anything. It gave us more of the idea that was getting pushed in our heads all the time during this season, and that was that even if Keima does a lot of romantic and cute things in order for him not to get his head chopped off, he still enjoys gaming more than anything and doesn’t give a crap of what people think. HE. LIVES. FOR. GAMING.
d'Awwww ^.^

Apart from that, there’s really nothing much to say about this episode. It was funny sometimes I loved the horrible puns they made with the game consoles, but most of the time I was just amazed at Keima’s gaming skills and at how he can play 24 games at the same time! Elci didn’t appear much after the first minutes of the show passed, but she was still as cute as ever ^.^.
I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE SECOND SEASON IN SPRING, I NEED CUTENESS!!!!!! Don’t worry you guys, Winter season has Kimi ni Todoke which is also very cute… Not as much as this though…
P.S.: If they were going to make the main character sing for the ending song, they could have at least make him sound better than that… -_-‘ It was HORRID.

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    Well, they certainly knew how to make a gaming geek look epic at what he does. This is a great episode because they’ve made Keima look so cool in the last couple of arcs that people might’ve forgotten what he was really all about.
    It’s a good reminder/reinforcement that this guy capturing the hearts of all these girls is a GalGe Otaku in the extreme and the Hakua teaser at the end was also nice. Can’t wait for season 2. 🙂

    1. Myst

      nod nod agreed. To everything you said. nod nod

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