Kuranosuke arrives at Amamizukan with his hands full of materials to make the dresses. Tsukimi discovers that he got absolute no skills, or experience making dresses. Soon she finds herself fired up and on a roll, taking charge and putting the dress together with the help of Chiko and Jiji. In the mean time Shuu tries his best to avoid Shouko, only to be drawn in once more by her trickery.

This was absolutely an amazing episode. I was blown away by the emotions, the jokes, the progress – I was even caught off guard realizing that Kuranosuke had no idea how to make clothes! I found this an absolutely fantastic development all in one episode! Tsukimi got to go all out in her artistic-designer mode, and ended up being the one to put the dress together with the help of Chiko and Jiji. It wasn’t just that, but Kuranosuke looked absolutely stunning! His expression was gorgeous.
What I also loved was when Shuu bitched slapped Shoko and her reaction towards it. Shuu is the kind of guy who actually gets concerned about others. He was terrified and ran over to her building to make sure she was alive, it scared him even more when he saw what looked like drugs (that were vitamins). Even more so, he was at the verge of tears and couldn’t believe what she had done. I think Shouko’s character will have crucial development within the next and last episode. You have to give Shuu so much respect, you really do. The only problem he has (which is common for our society) is to be turned down by people who don’t follow the trend and look like a mess. Hopefully that will change, but I am not expecting it anyhow.

With Amamizukan now blocked out, I am just waiting for the ladies to made a hole through the tarp or whatever that’s blocking the entrance. With one dress down, Tsukimi and the others must get onto their feet and make several more if they want to save their home. I am going to assume that the girl who really adored Banba’s afro (who implied she’s a model by mentioning her agency) will end up being a model for the show. I have a feeling that this will also be part of progressing the development of having the ladies get used to being around beautiful people.

Last thing I wanted to mention, we got alot more background about why Kuranosuke loves dressing up as a girl. Not just that, but for some reason because he was a boy he was forced to be separated from his mother – in this case I will assume he was supposed to be one of the second  heirs in line to take on the politics. I do hope that Kuranosuke will be able to have a reunion with his mother, but with one episode left I have my doubts. But hey, you never know! They just might be able to squeeze her into this!



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