After being arrested by the security, not only Yusei’s D-Wheel and deck are being confiscated, thanks to trespassing into the city as a Satellite resident, he also gets a Marker Incision. By gaining the marker, he lost all rights to livelihood. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s thrown into undergo one month long reeducation at the detention center. One his way to the detention center, he meets a crazy old man who won’t stop pestering him, and seems to know about the Crimson Dragon. In the mean time, Jack discovers that Godwin and the others were watching the duel and goes out to get some answers.


Oh my god, Yusei!!! They really gave him quite a marker, but considering how large it is, it’s due to how many charges he had to face. I laughed how his ID as a lot of unknown data in it. All we learned was that he’s eighteen. I was pretty amused how crazy the old man was enjoying the cell, moreover how he was like, “TADAAAA LOOK AT MY SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME UBER CARDS!” I was so amused how Yusei kept such a straight face.

When the big guy Himuro came in, the one who asked the security to let him do the welcome party (which is a duel). Turns out that Himuro used to be a professional duelist, and the crazy old man just happens to be a huge fan of his. Speaking of the old man, he talks too much – and while we’re at it, he had no idea how to use his cards, therefore a noob. I was laughing about how Yusei was using his poker face.
Of course all that changed as soon as Himuro said a no-no in Yusei’s world, which is calling a deck of cards crappy. Even better, after the duel and the guy stepping on the old man’s card – Yusei grabbed him on the shoulder and kicked him, knocking him over. This was so cool they had to show it three different angles. Of course since Yusei is a good man, he asks the old man if he can use his deck and challenges Himuro.

I was also amused how Jack has technically lost the duel since it was revealed while he played “The end of Storm” and Yusei used, “Meteor Stream”. So Jack, it’s safe to say YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!
As with Godwin, he continues to be unbelievable with the “Chosen One” talk.
Can I now say how much I despise Mikage? I can’t stand her constantly chanting of, “ATLAS-SAMA!!!” Ugh and if it isn’t obvious enough already, she has a major crush on Jack. Seriously it’s making me physically twitch.
Preview: Alright it’s all up to you now Yusei.


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