Tomyo is more fascinated than surprised.

Sakura discovers that her best friend Tomyo actually caught her on tape using FLY the previous night. She has no choice but to explain the situation. The day after that, mysterious things start to happen at their school. Piles and piles of desks and other things are stacked up outside and in the classrooms. Keroberos tells them they need to go to the school in the evening in order to find the card that is responsible.
Okay technically there are ‘three’ heads, but whatever! XD
I can imagine that Tomyo would have no complaint if she were the one as the Card Captor! Now Tomyo will forever be happy now that she has more excuses for Sakura to dress up and film her. Also I find this funny how rather than a magical transformation which is pretty popular among Magical Girls, we got an elementary student who absolutely adores making consumes and is talented doing so which provides the constant change of outfits. Not that am I complaining, it’s what makes this show so refreshing. What also made this episode good was they didn’t immediately have a card that would be able to be defeated by WINDY. Instead they had to use an alternative way to weaken it. In this case it was Tomyo who found the way to reveal it’s true form.
Gah, I didn’t think I would have so little to talk about! *HEADESKS* Hopefully as we get further and deeper into the plot, there will be more for me to discuss about.


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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    Well this is just the start though the first time we saw them ‘poke fun’ at magical girl transformations by making her change clothes the normal way was very amusing.
    The fact that a new costume was designed each time boggles the mind. @_@

    1. Eva

      *NODS* IKR? That’s one of the charming points about this story. It will never be exactly the same, therefore reduces repetition that gets people bored after seeing it 15 episodes. Hahaha.

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