Angel Beats! SPECIAL: High Tension Syndrome

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Yuri declares a new operation called: High Tension Syndrome for 12 hours straight. The operation’s goal was to deceive ANGEL into thinking they are enjoying their school life to the fullest, only the problem is they aren’t disappearing. Thus as results Yuri expects ANGEL, to be confused and go to ask GOD about it.
OMFG – PURE CRACK. SO FUNNY! I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING! I really thought we’d get like an epilogue sort of OVA about whether they were all able to reunite, but in the end, it was called “BAD END”. Even so, it was epically well done. Rather than a tearjerker, it was non-stop laughter. I found it even more hilarious how Shiina was the only one to go over 9000 because of her obsession with cute things.

Otonashi, throughout the entire episode was the only one who did not increase the tension at all. He just really laid back and did what he usual does. Hinata on the other hand, my god – he has no shame in saying, “I CAME!” I couldn’t stop laughing, it was one those jokes that can be heard over and over again.
There was one particular disappointment however, Iwasawa wasn’t part of this OVA which is a real shame since a lot of people liked her character despite she only lasted three episodes. It would have been nice to see her, but then again – she was spared having to go through this “Tension Mission”, which killed everyone.
I am actually surprised how little I have to say about this, but all I can, watch the OVA, even if you never seen Angel Beats! before, it will make your day. Just remember how to breathe afterwards okay?


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    1. ROFLMAO, YES THAT TOO!!!! XDDDD Everything was hilarious, I had such a hard time breathing!!! XDDD

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