Yu Gi Oh 5D continues off where we left of in episode 4 where Jack summoned both his Red Demon and Stardust Dragon. The duel ends with a close game after an interruption of an unexpected summoning of a ruby flame-like dragon that soars into the sky and wipes out both men. Yusei suddenly discovered a birthmark that he never had before on his arm glowing, likewise for Jack’s except he has had it since birth. The security arrives and takes Yusei into custody.

The duel itself was pretty boring, but when that ruby dragon appeared that was pretty sick and Yusei freaking out about that new birthmark he just gotten in which Jack had always had. In the end the security arrives and arrests Yusei. Good lord poor guy just doesn’t have much luck with Jack is involved. Haha. Yusei was totally playing his own game. He had his strategy and he had faith in his cards that he would be able to get Stardust Dragon back without having the card itself. It was a smart move on his part to use the trap card, Mirror of Harmonia.
Overall the episode was alright, but things are starting to look more interesting for the next episode.
Oh and last but not least, Jack was totally full of himself throughout the entire duel.
Preview: YUSEI’S IN BIG BIG TROUBLE!!! D:< AND HE GOT A MARKER!!! Oh well now he looks pretty badass… OH WAIT HE’S STUCK WITH A CRAZY OLD MAN. Just his luck eh… >_>;


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