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Story / Plot:
Alright, now as much as I’d like to say the main storyline was amazing since I loved this show, so far I have to admit that the overall content didn’t have much of a storyline this season. Keima meets a girl, he conquers her, Elci helps, and in the end he still remains a huge gamer that doesn’t give a damn about the outside world. Looking at it this way, there isn’t much to say, and I really don’t know how all this’ll turn out in the second season. I am, however, expecting much more spice and excitement in the second season. So far, every single girl has brought Keima a little bit of sadness in the end, and I feel this will eventually build up and gasp possibly pierce Keima’s lack of emotions towards real people. I am also a little bit in awe as I wonder if Keima and Elci will eventually get together or not… As much as I had a feeling the plot was gonna go in that sense in the first few episodes, I’m not too sure anymore and I’m kinda curious as to how the producers plan to make the story in Spring…
…Ok, I’ll admit it, I was spoiled part of what was going to happen. I dunno all the details, but I know it’s gonna get good. Anyways, more about this season and less about the next would be nice, so I’ll change subjet :).
The genre fit in really well. It was very romantic  and incredibly cute, and I’m not even talking about the incredible amount of laughs this show has brought me. The stories of Keima’s conquests were very original, and although the main plot had not much content the short stories themselves were incredibly cute, and Keima’s ways of conquests were very original. The stories were cute, sometimes funny, and it was fun to wonder what Keima was going to do next in order to conquer these girls. Just like Megane na Kanojo OVA, I loved the show’s short stories although there was basically no plot relating them together. Despite the lack of relation, I believe that this can definitely give us a great main plot in the end, and I’m glad there’s a second season to this because I really think the plot will develop itself more.

7 / 10

The conquests themselves were VERY cute, and overall the show was funny, but there wasn’t really any plot relating them together. Had this been a 26-episode thing, it would have been much better and easier to put some kind of plot relating these episodes. There is, however, a second season and I am hoping to see some more development in characters and their relationships as a whole, not just in little stories that will end up in nothingness afterwards. the main characters barely went through any hardships except in the first few episodes, and despite the well-thought of stories of the loose souls, there was a great lack of main plot.

Characters: Epic win.
Completely unrealistically cute/funny/plain awesome, the characters OWNED in this. Although there wasn’t much development in the main characters (as mentioned before), their personalities were absolutely great, and their own lack of character development was almost completely compensated by the huge realizations the secondary characters (In this case, the girls Keima was trying to conquer) were going through. The characters in this were very well thought of, unique, different, and overall they simply stunned me.
Keima and Elci didn’t have much of a character development, however their personalities were so well thought of that in their case it really didn’t do much. Keima’s gamer personality was very emphasized outside of the cute conquests to remind us that he’s not an actual popular guy and that he doesn’t enjoy being outside of the gaming world. During his conquests however, he’s proved to us that he can actually be a gentleman and could very well get himself a girl just like that if only he wanted to which he doesn’t. Elci, on the other side, was the cutest thing on the face of the Earth. Clumsy, cute face, cute voice, cute clothes, and her words were just so damn cute!!!! She made me laugh so much, and she was just sooo damn adorable!
Taking away the two main characters, every single one of the 4 girls Keima had to conquer had an incredible character development, and it was even better because their personality was summed up in at most 3 episodes, without making us feel as though it was all crammed up. The loose souls all had completely different personalities, and their development was insane. Not only did they bring about tons of cuteness to the show, their personalities just flourished as each episode came around, which made their stories much more interesting, and made everything much cuter when they would finally kiss Keima.

9.5 / 10

Amazing main characters, great personalities, incredible secondary characters and really good development for the loose souls. If it wasn’t for the lack of character development in Keima and Elci, this show would definitely get a perfect mark (probably more :)).

Technicalities: The art was really good. I’ll agree that it wasn’t completely over-the-top amazing graphics, however it displayed the emotions really well, and most of all everything was still really cute, and the characters were well drawn. Despite his gamer appearance, Keima still looked good, the 4 girls looked cute, and Elci also. The facial expressions that were shown were absolutely great, and although nothing was extravagant it matched well with the story and I couldn’t find anything bad with it.
As for the opening, as much as I hated the song, I must admit that it was great. Many different scenes and images, it expressed the feel the anime gives very well, and it was very unique in genre. The bad point to it, was that I really didn’t like the background music. Yes, it fit, but I still didn’t like it XD. We all have different taste though, so if you take that out the opening was great. The ending was original, with the painting and such, but it didn’t amaze me. No endings ever really amaze me :/.
The soundtrack for this was amazing. As much as the art was “decent”, the background sountrack was really noticeable and made everything much cuter and much more intense. I absolutely loved it, and I am not a person who usually notices the background music. This time, I could actually notice the different feelings it brought to the show, and it upgraded the quality of the show much more.
There was a lot of symbolism put into the show as well and, just like the soundtrack, the effects were completely over the top sometimes, especially in the end when Keima was conquering the last girl. The show had much more feeling to it, and it was much more enjoyable to watch.

8.5 / 10

Amazing soundtrack, really good opening, over-the-top special effects, the only thing that wasn’t incredible was the art, although that was also very good.

Overall Impression: Fans of cute shows, fans of different shoujos, fans of comedy, this is for you. The show was funny, different and most of all, it was incredibly cute. I could never get over how beautiful the kissing scenes were, and the build up in order to get to these kissing scenes were amazing. Although some bits of the show weren’t as good, like the main plot, it went under the carpet as soon as Keima conquered a girl and released their loose souls. This show is one of my favourites this season.

8 / 10

Recommended: Yes

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the show overall as well. I think that season 2 will get the plot started but it would take another 3-4 seasons to get it all in properly.
    I like this show very much and the manga as well. I only disliked 1 episode and that was the Elsie-Cake one which I believe turned out horribly. That aside, every thing else was awesome. Since I already read the manga, I know that if they continue that there is a lot to look forward to. 😀

  2. Myst

    Well since you mention it, it interests me to see how everything turned out in the manga with that chapter, and I might check it out just to see how it turned out. I can’t wait for the second season as well! 🙂

    1. ryvrdrgn14

      Yeah. Another benefit from reading the manga (not just spoilers!) is that you can see how they did things a little differently (for better or worse) in the anime series since it’s not always copy+paste.
      Overall the anime did a lot of things right and enhanced my enjoyment of the manga. xD

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