Dude at least TRY to smile!

Henri aka, Tomoe Yoh goes off to Japan to attend Seigetsu Academy to reunite with his childhood crush.
That’s it.
First Impression:
First of all, Merry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays! 😀 I wish you all the very best!
Um, okay so this – uh. Interesting. Not exciting, nope – no way. How should I elaborate on this?
First of all, so that you guys don’t get confused with the guy’s name, because seriously, even I got confused: His french name is Henri Samuel Jean Aimée, in Japan he goes with the name Tomoe Yoh. Why? Well I don’t get it either. I’m getting this off MAL to stop this ridiculous confusion. Although LOL they mentioned it at the END of the episode .

So we got Tomoe Yoh who has this childhood crush (or so it seems) on a girl named Tsukiko Yahisa who complimented him about his eyes which people teased him about when he was very young. His parents announces they will be going to America, however as much as he’d love to join them he confesses a selfish request of going back to Japan to a particular school called Seigetsu Academy that has six departments involved in Astronomy, Space, Mythology one way or another.
Now here’s the thing about Tomoe Yoh, just – he is not my favorable kind of character, especially one to debut in the first episode. He looks depressed, he sounds depressed, he almost never smiles, did I mention how he looks depressed? Seriously what the hell? I am wondering like, how is this going to work out?
Overall, good god… Can I say this is the worst way to debut an anime? I am dead serious. I had to take notes, take freaking notes, do research to understand what the hell was going on. I am not going to give up on this yet since there are a zillion dozen other characters to learn more about, but ughhhhh, not impressive at all.
Myst: I just had to join in. You know what, this is literally something to watch when all you want is to stare at hot anime guys. Or when you’ve played the game this was based on. Because as I see it, there’s 13 episodes and 12 zodiac signs, which means that they’re just gonna make it so that each character has it’s own episode, which mean:
1)No story
2)No character development
3) No romantic development between ANY of the characters.
The art, however, is INCREDIBLY beautiful. Just that small fact makes me wanna watch this show and stare. The only thing that really bothered me was what Eva mentioned before: Tomoh Yoe looks depressed. All the time. And he does smile. But we don’t notice it because his eyes still make him look depressed no matter what. Even his parents look incredibly depressed. Apart from that, everything is beautiful. This show is a sweet candy to the girl’s eye!
By the way, from what I have read (using different sources), I believe that this episode may have been a preview of the show, to introduce a little bit one character and to introduce the context of the story. My sources aren’t 100% reliable however, and so I can’t be exactly sure.
I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas this year! 🙂

Preview: None, well isn’t that motivating?


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