Amano and the others continue to increase their sales drastically. With the help of a large income for the Christmas cakes, they were able to mark the competition with a tie. Johnny who was not happy with how they got the score told the others that it was their victory since he and the Heiress were forced to create discounts from 50 to 70% off in order to prevent too much leftover quantity. Some days later, Kashino and Amano are walking in a park, just the two of them where Kashino boldly confesses to her in his typical way. The two lean for a kiss only to be interrupted by Koshiro and Johnny who declared that they never said they’d back off for good. Frustrated Kashino shoves Koshiro at Johnny only to have Amano and him tumble into the bushes with their lips locked. As if the universe just couldn’t give them something like 10 minutes in heaven, Amano gets a call from Henri who tells them he plans to open his sweets garden in London as well and offered them to do the job there again. The two accept and run away from Johnny and Koshiro with glee and go and find a place to make out.

Final Impression:
PFFTH. As the episode progressed the idea of the two teams tying became more possible, and eventually I knew that was going to happen. I am having a hard time believing this is the last episode, I really couldn’t stop laughing just how Kashino almost out of character, swinging in harms around Amano asking her to be by his side forever making sweets. In this case, his typical way of confessing his love. While we were just about to have the corny kissing scene, I just knew someone was going to interrupt – only i loved how they played it out, how Amano and Kashino ended up stumbling and falling into the bushes, as result got their kiss. I was pretty surprised we didn’t see it, I am not going to complain, it was a pretty refreshing way to do it.

The episode however, was it just me, or it felt very rushed? Jumbling all the last results and epic sales, special guests showing up, etc… honestly I think the fact we didn’t get to see them create a whole new dessert themselves, not to mention the progress of making them much like the final round of the competition back in Season 1 really made this a downer. As if rushed wasn’t enough, I found this boring despite how I was laughing out loud quite a bit.
Overall Yumeiro Patissiere SP Professional, most people would assume we would see them create more desserts and so on, in fact that was the biggest charm in the first season. Seeing the group create, go through the challenges, overcome it – because we seen all that, I think this is what makes Yumeiro Patissiere SP Professional a disappointment. The main criteria of the problems are that they overused still-images, too many and too long fillers, everything felt rushed, poor romance development, bad plot, and lastly really put the characters to waste. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t terrible, but most certainly disappointing for a hard core fan such as myself who has found herself to be inspired to pursue a culinary career as a Pastry Chef.
Compared to Season 1, Yumerio Patissiere SP Professional did not inspire me, but instead gave me a taste of  common and basic knowledge. Season 1 was very different in many ways; the characters were younger and had far better development, we got to see the process and conflicts creating desserts, solid plot, and most importantly was longer, therefore not rushed. Perhaps this would have turned out far better if there were 24-26 episodes, but that’s only a maybe. If there were that many episodes they it would have given the season a chance to reduce the filler gaps, and create a powerful plot development, not to mention not having it feel so rushed.
If you are a fan of  Yumeiro Patissiere Season 1, and think you are in for a treat to watch more magic happen, sorry to break this to you, but that isn’t the case. This season’s priority was putting a shop together and having Amano’s and Kashino’s relationship to become official. Even that, I find it hard to believe since it was incredibly disappointing. My best suggestion to you is to not have great expectations for this and significant amount of screen time making the sweets, nor expect goody romance development (really there was none, absolutely none). You will find yourself frustrated as I was the minute the fillers started to roll and the group to drawn away from the the shop. To say it bluntly, I think this season lost its direction and went way off its path.
Plot: 4/10 – Could have been much stronger and interesting.
Character Development: 4/10 – A little bit on Kashino’s part, but really not that much so unfortunately I am giving this a four.
Animation Quality: 9/10 – Very good.
OST: 8/10 – Cute. That’s all there is to say.


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  1. Myst

    I thought that, for what the show was, they ended it pretty well. Turns out the fillers were actually useful in the end, and I like how they tied it up. They should probably have cut down the fillers a little bit (but keep them) and make the ending a bit longer to make it feel less rushed and it could have been a great 13-episode thing, but I think it would have been better if Ichigo and the others had worked on their shop most of the time. They could have added a story of how their shop develops and such and, for god’s sake, don’t make the most important climax ANOTHER competition against Koshiro!
    I agree with you: Should’ve been longer, ending felt rushed, although it tied up everything together in the end. 1st season was much better XD.

  2. Susie

    Hehe, I actually watched this [I think a week ago because I don’t want to pay my dad for the membership my dad won’t let me get a membership on Crunchyroll and didn’t want to watch a crappy version]

  3. Susie

    Wait? What happened to the rest of my comment? Oh well. Here is the rest.
    It was way too rushed. And who just coincidentally falls (or gets pushed) into a bush and kiss the person you like? Seriously! Jeez. But it was kinda a funny ending! HEHE I GOTS A PICKLE!
    It was very dissapointing, and… THIS SEASON WAS ONLY… [counting] 13 episodes long! Compared to the [counting] way higher number in the first season!
    And… Please continue to rant! And since it’s like 11 p.m. right now, I don’t have time to read the other posts. So bye, until I hunt another anime to watch. Cuz knowing me, I’ll have time during a break or something. After all, I get obsessed once I get into a pretty good anime. OMG I JUST REMEMBERED THAT I HAD ONCE STAYED AWAKE UNTIL 3 IN THE MORNING A FEW TIMES IN A ROW, AND I HAD SCHOOL AFTER EACH DAY! It’s safe to say I was living off of naps for a while! 🙂
    Eh… sorry, I’m rambling. I should go to sleep so I can preserve my remaining brain cells! 😉

    1. Eva

      LOL, WordPress ate half of your comment!!! It must’ve been hungry!!!
      Yumeiro Patissiere, without a doubt the first season was far more… how should I say it, addicting. This season however, much to our disappointment was far too rushed, and honestly really didn’t focus on the romance till the last episode – which was a real downer. :\ I found they went over the top with the “sweet romance” OP, clearly trying to make up the “goodness” that we the fans were not getting in the plot.
      //After all, I get obsessed once I get into a pretty good anime. OMG I JUST REMEMBERED THAT I HAD ONCE STAYED AWAKE UNTIL 3 IN THE MORNING A FEW TIMES IN A ROW, AND I HAD SCHOOL AFTER EACH DAY! It’s safe to say I was living off of naps for a while! //
      XD Don’t we all? Just remember to not pass out.

  4. Susie

    I don’t pass out unless I’m at least halfway on a bed or couch! 🙂 But I think that counts as sleeping.
    Yumerio Patissiere was so much better with the first season, more… yummy things appearing on the scren! 🙂
    And I may have just forgotten to type the rest of the comment. -.-‘ I was super duper tired. I couldn’t even tell how I was still awake. I go to bed early, normally.
    I want to watch some sort of anime now, any suggestions?

    1. Eva

      Depends on what you like. ^_^/ I find it’s a bit early to suggest some of this season’s anime, but for starters if you haven’t seen Kimi ni Todoke, I recommend you check that out! 😀

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