Ace is rescued! Joy to the world! WOOHOOO! It is now time for some intense ownage. Bye bye, marines.

Just ignore stupid Mr. 3 in the background, because the brothers are ready for some ass kicking!

It doesn’t take much longer after Luffy and Ace have hit the ground that marines surround them with guns with the intention of attacking them. Now, I dunno about you, but have you ever seen a gun be useful at least once in One Piece? Guns never work. Ever. Marines should learn by now that swords or fists will always do more damage than guns. If you have a gun you’re automatically in the “I suck and will just be there to get my ass kicked” category. Oh, and here’s another tip: You should have figured out by now that Luffy is made of rubber and Ace is made out of fire. BULLETS CAN’T DO SHIT.
Anyways, as you may have figured, Ace and Luffy kick everyone’s ass in 2 and a half seconds, only to meet Admiral Aokiji Oh noes! Ace has the advantage though, because his fire melts the ice (You can’t beat science, after all!). The scene then changes as depressed Squard is about to go on the frontline in order to kill himself and hopefully make everyone else escape safely. Whitebeard stops him, and states that he is from the older generation, and a parent should always die before their sons. He speaks out his last order to his crew (Escape and go to the New World), then we see a flashback of Whitebeard’s beginnings as a pirate, and in the end it is him against the marines, by himself, as everyone is ordered to escape.
Impression: Oh my, oh my, oh my. What an amazing episode.
The first half involving Ace and Luffy was incredibly badass and I loved seeing both of them together as they made the world explode. Luffy’s family really is amazing (he’s not blood-related but even so…), and that scene was a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing people get owned. Especially after such a long rescue, and now the Marines feel as though they are starting to lose and will let Ace escape in the end :).

Anyone up for a good barbecue?

Seeing Ace like this with his brother also made me realize how much he was stronger than Luffy. I thought Luffy was getting pretty strong, however after seeing them both like this (and after seeing Ace being equal with Aokiji) I realized that he still has a long way to go before he can catch up to his brother. Apart from that, the first half was basically just some ass kicking from Ace and Luffy, and it was very enjoyable to watch.
When Squard showed up, I was kind of pissed. He still exists? Really? I’ve hated him ever since he showed up because they made such a big story out of a character that no one really cares about. I still don’t care about him, and he still shows up -_-‘. Ah well. All this made Whitebeard act however, and now he’s the one who will sacrifice himself. I sense a sad episode coming along next week, as Ace will most likely have trouble supporting something like that! Whitebeard always finds the best way to look badass, seriously.