Yusei begins his duel again Himuro using the Old Man’s deck. From the security room a chief keeps an eye on Yusei and gives a report to Godwin where he reveals to Jack a shrine at the basement of the grand security base. There he tells Jack the legend about the people of the stars and the importance of their birthmarks.

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Just what the fuck is there a shrine in the basement? Seriously? How – what? Seriously? WHAT? AND THAT GODWIN, HE’S SO FUCKING BIAS. YOU DIS EVERYONE IN SATALITE AND YET YOU SAY THAT NEO DOMINO CITY IS LIKE THA BEST PLACE EVAR! Seriously man, what the fuck.
So Rex Godwin, is the director’s name – apparently he is the 360th Star Guardian *GASPS*, so amazinnnngggg. Whatever you say man.
Yusei your pokerface is awesome. Fucking badass, that stupid old man didn’t have a clue how the hell half of his cards were supposed to be used. All he cared about was that they were in his possession and they are uber rare and all. He loves to brag, but then of course Yusei is like “I’M GONNA PWND THIS GUY BECAUSE HE KEPT ON SAYING WORTHLESS OVER A DOZEN TIMES!!!” He did an excellent job using the cards properly and setting up the strategy and caught Himuro off guard.
Lastly, I also have to wonder whether he’s a god or not.
Preview: For the love god – HE’S BEING TORTURED AGAIN?!


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