This show has me completely addicted. I have to admit that the first half of this week’s episode didn’t impress me that much, however the absolute cuteness (Oh yeah did I mention how cute this show was in last week’s review? Just in case I forgot…) added in the second part of it made everything so good that I forgot the “Bleh” parts in the first half.
And by “Bleh” parts, I really mean just the lack of cuteness. Really. Because compared to the last episode being SO GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL from the first minute to the last, this one was a little bit more dull in the beginning, however it’s really only because this one needed more of a story build-up in order for Aoyama to fall in love.
So basically, the story starts off at Aoyama’s apartment, where Elci and Keima are peeking through the window. As her chauffeur quits his job because Aoyama still pretends to be rich after her rich father’s death, she comes out and notices Keima as he is peeking. She then freaks out, yells at him and goes back inside, wondering what to do. The next day, as Aoyama is about to walk to school (since she has no chauffeur anymore), Keima comes in with his very cheap looking bicycle in order to bring her to school. As Aoyama refuses because it is “too common” for her, Elci then makes a carriage appear in the back where Aoyama can sit comfortably. She then reluctantly accepts, and this chauffeur-thing goes on for quite a while. One day, after a cute scene where we see Aoyama smile and laugh for the first time, Keima talks with Elci and, after looking in Aoyama’s mail (Um, stalker much?), finally figures out how he will manage to get her to like him.And so now the story is built up enough. Although the first half of this episode wasn’t so interesting and cute (apart from the last scene), it was necessary. We kinda noticed how Keima and Mio’s relationship was getting better and better, and we really see how the build up of the story is going. Mio kinda pisses me off, with her commoner allergy, like really, you’re going to a public school dude, get used to it. Oh, and by the way, YOU’RE FREAKISHLY POOR AND BUYING 500 SANDWICHES IS DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO HELP. But anyways, Keima is definitely getting more and more charming, and the only bad thing about this would be that we tend to forget that he is supposed to be a geek gamer nerd (But then again, if he doesn’t do what he’s doing, he gets his head chopped off, so I guess that’s a pretty good motivation).
Now for the second part: After school, Keima brings her to this rich party (Aoyama had been invited to it many times but she hadn’t gone since her father’s death as she rejected all of the invitations), or should I say to the garden of this rich party. The show then basically goes on as Keima dances with Mio (In the cutest way ever possible :D) and tells her some very charming words. Then follows the kiss, and Elci can finally catch the lost soul that was inside Aoyama’s heart. The episode ends with a scene at school, where Aoyama acts a little bit more like a commoner and doesn’t buy an incredible amount of bread.

BWAHAHAHA You're priceless facial expressions will always make me laugh.

Considering I remembered the fact that people who will read this have most definitely already seen the episode, I shortened my summary a lot more in the second half of it. To start my impression on this second half, I’d first like to mention that as I am a girl, I am seriously starting to find Keima to be incredibly charming and fairly good-looking, although he is only animated (Now people might actually start thinking “oh, she only says positive stuff about this show because she likes the dude”. Oh yeah? Well it is a girl’s show, and all the girls must be freaking out about the dude anyways, so I mean what does it change? Moreover, there’s a reason why this blog is called “Angryanimebitches”. We don’t give a s***). The stuff he says is very cheesy, however I’m sure it would really work on a girl in real life, and I mean, come on: He gives the girl an incredible dress, he rides his bike for her and then comes in with a very nice suit and good looks? Right away it’s a yes.


YES. I just had to put it in full size.

^-^They're so cute! ^-^

Anyways, going away from my newly-found obsession of Keima, we still see that he is slightly inexperienced with love and such when stuff like them holding hands for dance makes him incredibly embarassed (And you probably have figured it out already that I was going to say that, but IT WAS SO CUTE). This episode was very much like the first one, where he tries his best to conquer a girl’s heart and take out the loose soul. The humour was there (and Keima’s priceless facial expressions, too), the cuteness was there, the character development for the girl being targeted was there, it was basically very similar to the first episode. This is basically what the whole show will be about, and it is probably just in order for us women to watch it and say “AWWWWWW HOW CUTE!!!”. I do hope, however, that they will add some kind of plot to it and make it all the more interesting (repetition kinda becomes boring after a while, even if it’s totally amazingly cute repetition XD).
…Oh, and did I mention this show was cute?

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  1. Eva

    It was cuteness overload if you ask me! XD; I couldn’t stop giggling and laughing so hard – especially when Keima pulled those too-awesome-to-be-true stunts!
    O^O BTW, I don’t know which is better – Glasses or No Glasses, either way he’s awesome as both. I found it stunning how much he got into his role! I MEAN TO BE THE ONE TO START THE KISS! Now that’s just WIN.

    1. Myst

      AHEM. What kind of question is that? No glasses is way better lol XD. And I actually found last week’s episode to be cuter :/… Oh well, whatever, it was cute anyways ;P

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