Kirino has finally agreed to go and make new friends, as she was convinced by Kyousuke.

weirdo :3

A little scared, she goes to a meeting in Akiba (organized on the Internet) where there are many other Otakus as well (all girls), finds herself to be talking to absolutely no one and feels “out of the gang”. The organizer of this meeting, Saori, feels this and invites Kirino and Kuroneko, another girl who didn’t talk much during the original meeting, to an “after-tea party” where they can talk a little more. Kyousuke is also invited. There, Kirino and Kuroneko have a bitch fight argue violently at each other about which animes and games they like better and why they find it better (Ah, all anime freaks can relate to this I’m sure). With this, they keep fighting as they go shopping for otaku stuff in Akiba. Through this, Kirino actually
BITCH FIGHT!!! MY ANIME IS BETTER THAN YOURS!! Screw you all, One Piece owns.

becomes friends with Kuroneko, and they keep in contact afterwards, still bitching at each other arguing. The next episode follows the same template in the first half, where Kirino and Kuroneko still argue, on the phone as much as in real life, and they really start building some friendship based on their otaku lifestyle. The story drastically changes, however, when Kirino voluntarily accidentally drops again her sister porn game in front of her dad. Then follows a big, dramatic fight where Kirino is almost prevented from having those games, but Kyousuke comes to her rescue, manages to convince her dad that it’s just a hobby and even pretends that the 18+ rated games are his. Having the whole problem solved finally, Kirino then thanks her brother, who says the now famous line “My little sister can’t be this cute!!” And so the episode ends.

XD You're an *AHEM idiot* for saying this to your parents in order to protect your sister... But you know, the producers need an older brother who cares about his little sister, so I'll just keep quiet (I've said my opinion already but shhh!)

Yaaaaaay! 😀 These 2 episodes were great. I feel happy for Kirino. She finally met some
...Kyousuke, you FAIL.

people to whom she could share her otaku thoughts! 😀 I must say that Kuroneko is a really sweet character, and the bitch fights between her and Kirino are VERY funny. I’m not too sure about Saori though, she doesn’t have much of a personality herself right now, and she’s kinda weird :/. For now, she doesn’t really appeal to me as someone interesting. Oh, and although she’s still in the dark and unimportant, Kyousuke’s friend is still amazing in her own way, plain, funny and awesome :D. She most definitely likes Kyousuke, so I kind of hope wonder if they will end up together in the end.

I only need one sentence to describe the coming paragraph: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. However, seeing as I am blogging and details are needed in order for people other than me to understand my point of view, this paragraph does exist. These 2 episodes were as funny as the first one, sometimes the comedy was even better, especially during their anime fights. I also LOVED the little twists at the end of episode 3, first when Kyousuke pretends that the games are his, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Then, where he realizes “holy crap, she’s cute!”, I thought that was pretty good as well, although I am usually totally against shows that involve incest. On this topic, so far the storyline is still so freaking amazing that I don’t mind the sibling love, and it hasn’t even appeared this much yet in the episodes, so this show still stands in my favourites.

Aww, that IS cute... This show makes incest look so great XD that's pretty disturbing, when you think about it...

So yeah. Good humour, good storyline, good characters and SWEET anime references, this show is just absolutely great right now. I might even be able to stand the incest that will begin most likely next episode -_-‘.