Had I not enjoyed dissing shows as much, I probably wouldn’t even have written this entry, because the show is only getting worse and worse, and I will most likely stop blogging this after this entry is finished.
Alright, now that the explanation is finished with, LET’S BRING THIS SHOW DOWN :D.
Basically, this week’s episode confirmed many of my fears from last week’s episode, sometimes it was even worse than my fears. This episode, and the whole show, was just a bunch of complete failures.
FAIL #1: Hasekura Kouhei’s reaction towards the whole vampire issue.

"don't mess around too much"...FAIIIIIIIL. Biggest reaction fail of all time. Really.

OK, I mean, WTF?!?! Kouhei has seen Iori freaking SUCK UP A GIRL’S BLOOD in front of his face, then he gets told “You have a very delicious looking neck” and his reaction after Iori tells him he’s actually serious is to say “stop messing around.” Kouhei then even has the “smart” idea to accept Iori’s invitation to go meet him later on, right after he was told “be careful of my brother” by Erika. DUDE, ARE YOU JUST STUPID OR FREAKING STUPID?!?! The guy IS serious, and he could really suck up your blood, however you’re just standing there like an idiot and you even go see him in private later on. Wow, what an idiot. UGH!
FAIL #2: Erika’s completely changed personality.
You Fail.

Oh, so the first episode was all an illusion for us to believe that this show was actually going to get pretty good with a little bit of love/hate relationship? Was it just a way for us to be hooked up on this show? Because if that was the reason, it failed completely when I reached episode 2. So Erika hates him, can’t talk to him, is very shy, and then suddenly she turns around and says stuff like “Let’s be friends!” or, even better in this week’s episode, “How can you forget so easily the memories we shared together?!”
FAIL #3: “We’ve just seen each other for 3 episodes and we’re the best of friends!!”
"Is it so easy to throw away the days you spent here?" Um... Considering it probably hasn't been a month since I've known you, YES.

One of the last scenes. Kouhei is given a choice to either join the student council with 2 vampires, one of them which is a crazy maniac, or to forget all about it and go back to his first day on the island. Thinking about it, he decides to erase his memories (Smart choice, dude), and Iori then tells Erika to take care of the memory erasing. As she is about to do so, she suddenly stops and says something like “How could you want to forget such good friends that we were?!” ……..WTF!!!!!!! This is episode 3. The first episode was to introduce the characters. Moreover, Erika hated his guts. Afterwards, everyone hung out together like, 3 times, when the stupid rabbit ran away, during the tea-party and then during the shopping day. So now you guys are the best of friends and you’ve had lots of memories together?!?!?! FAIL. I don’t even want to explain anything else for this, because it’s just a total FAIL.
….FAIL. There was, however, one thing I liked about the little bit I’ve watched of this show.
WIN #1 (The only one): Yuki Kanade.
I freaking love her. She jumps, she laughs, she talks, she has her own personality and doesn’t change as the episodes go by AHEMLike Erika, SHE WINS. I love her type of personality, she brings freshness to the whole, show, she’s cute, she’s funny, she’s energetic, she’s the best side character possible for these kinds of shows. Unfortunately, the rest of the show SUCKS BALLZ, which completely ruins the whole effort put into her character.

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  1. Eva

    You pretty much sum up how I’m feeling as well. Great potential yet a huge downfall.

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