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The Shinsengumi travel to their battlefield as Kondou deals with some business – however was taking much too long. Nagakura and Harada are both growing frustrated at his ignorance and delusions how they will win the fight. Over night the circumstances dramatically change, causing not only a major change of plans but a large loss in numbers due to the people fleeing over night. Nagakura insists that they retreat immediately while they can, only Kondou stubbornly declines calling Nagakura a coward. Nagakura lashes out in frustration and anger exclaiming how Kondou did not see how many men died in vain in their last battle that were in similar circumstances as this one. Suddenly the others return frantically to report that they have been surrounded completely for the North, South and West. Hijikata tells them he will get the back ups in Edo. Before he lives he tells Chizuru to leave the battlefield at once so she can survive. She immediately refuses saying that she wants to stay and do something for an exchange. Hijikata finally gives in and gives her an order to protect Kondou and live. They do a small oath and then he departs.

Later as the battle grows worse, Kondou continues to stubbornly refuse to retreat. eventually he loses his patience and runs onto the battle field recklessly. It is only then when he realizes the true horror of their loss, and getting a reality check that they must retreat. However, as things couldn’t get worse, the enemy appears with Rasetsu soldiers which shocked them due to appearing in the daylight.

Sorry for the delay everyone. I haven’t been able to focus writing at all since I have been grieving my loss of my dearest companion due to a large tumor. T^T When you are crying for 48 hours straight, you are in no mood to write.
This episode turned out to be really interesting and enjoyable to watch. Seeing Harada and Nagakura trying to hard to persuade Kondou to retreat for the sake of their warriors was heartwarming. Although as Kondou continued to be stubborn I have grown not to like his character so much anymore. He acted so immature in a way, like a child completely oblivious to the danger of a battle, thinking it was going to be so simple and fun only to witness a nightmare before them.
It was also good to see that Chizuru is trying to do something beneficial and I am eager to see her develop as a warrior. In the mean time they are really stepping things up Chizuru x Hijikata  pairing, starting with them making a military oath.


Things are going to get complicated. Honestly I can’t say much because I’m worried about spoiling since I already know the truth.


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