...I still don't get why he's in every single episode, but I'm actually starting to like this little raccoon-tanuki looking thing.

Wow. RETARDED is the only word I can use right now to describe this show. Somehow, all its weirdness is the exact reason why I love it so far. Despite the complete lack of plot, it’s very different, and the humour and characters are well thought of. The style might not suit everyone, however carefree shows like that are interesting once in a while, and very funny although they confuse one’s brain (Well, it confuses my brain anyways…).
You know what, I was going to write a summary about this episode, and then I realized that it’s totally useless since this show is absolutely retarded and makes no sense whatsoever. The only thing I should mention is: New character! She looks like a young little boy, but is in fact a girl who’s a year older than Arashiyama and goes to the same school as her. She is referred for now as “Kou-senpai”. She will probably appear later on in the show, so I thought she needed to be mentionned. The rest is just a bunch of idiocies happening one after the other, and a summary seriously isn’t needed. This just goes to show how much there’s a lack of plot in this anime.
Now, about the episode. RE-TAR-DED. There is no logic whatsoever in what the characters think, they are definitely people that wouldn’t exist in real life (or a least I hope not, gee.), and Arashiyama especially has a very um…interesting way of thinking. She is definitely not the regular type of main character. She’s lazy, selfish, direct, stupid, stupid and very stupid. When Arashiyama figured out the intrigue with the paintings, I was actually very surprised (I actually seriously thought she was going to say something really random and make herself feel even more stupid). It
MUAHAHAHAHA! That's right, laugh as much as you can before you start FAILING SO BAD you'll be ashamed of yourself.

actually made me think “Wow, she’s pretty smart”. And then I watched the second part of the episode and changed my mind. When the main character has trouble remembering to buy onions and carrots, or when it says  something like “I thought if I strangled you your cat might come and try to save you!”, that’s when you realize that she just FAILS so much there’s nothing to do about it. Heck, even Tatsuno had a huge fail moment in this week’s episode. Now that’s something, considering I thought Tatsuno was the only smart one around…
So in the end, here’s a summary of the show so far and this episode: The characters are retarded, there’s no actual plot, the humour is retarded, however this show is funny as hell. Although my brain gets a little confused and kind of goes “WTF” once in a while, it’s so hilarious I can’t help but like it.