This episode was very short and very stretched, and nothing much happened, especially in the first half. The whole episode was basically about Whitebeard’s badassness, and next episode is most likely going to get very intense.
Episode 472 starts off back from last week’s cliffhanger, as usual, where Whitebeard got stabbed by Squard, one of his Captain allies. We finally learn his motive: Squard claims that

That's right. Whitebeard, you're awesome.

Whitebeard has betrayed all his allies by making a deal with the Marines, in order for Ace and the rest his crew to be safe. Whitebeard, who finally understands the reason why, surprises everyone by hugging Squard, showing that he still loves him anyways. As the outside world can still see through the only den den mushi still on (Buggy’s only important deed), Admiral (what’s-his-face) comes in and freezes him and the communication device to my great pleasure. Going back to Whitebeard, he gets his trust back from his comrades by cracking the ice walls, therefore giving all the allies a way out. The show ends as Whitebeard joins the rumble and is about to start fighting.
Yeah. The first half of the episode was absolutely empty of content. Basically the only thing that happened in a whole 10 minutes is that we learned that Squard believed Whitebeard was betraying all of them. The second half of the show, however, was very cool. Whitebeard was just so incredibly badass. I never really liked him that much, however he’s still really cool.
Aaaaaand more badassness.

So yeah. The episode felt very short. Nothing much happened :/. Whitebeard is badass, Buggy’s frozen (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!), and the encircling walls are about to pop up (Again, it’s a total spoiler and I find it sad that they mentionned it beforehand, but oh well, I knew already so it isn’t too bad…). This entry was very short, I know, but I don’t have much to review on because of lack of content in this episode. I’m excited for next week’s episode though :3.