Takuto finds himself offered a job working at Watanabe to clean her pool, where as the rest of the the group, Wako, Sugata, Makina and surprisingly the Vice-Prez comes along as well. They learn that she happens to be married to a very erm- old man who happens to be one of the richest men in the world, where as she takes care of the stockmarket and economic stuff. While Takuto and the others are cleaning the pool, it turns out Watanabe has a pet Alligator (?) living in it. Vice ends up almost getting eaten by it and spazzes out running everywhere and freaking everyone out which leads to one of Watanabe’s servants trying to hit it, and almost ended up wacking Wako in the head only to be stopped by Takuto right on time. Watanabe suddenly says she wants to see a fight between the two boys and so they go up top onto the deck again where they begin.
Takuto has no experience in “fencing” so just swings the sword around recklessly, while Takashi wasn’t really going all out. Watanabe got bored and walked off – leaving the friendly duel to end there.

Later that evening as usual, the Cybodies activate and Takuto finds himself fighting Takashi again (though I’m not sure if he’s aware of it). He starts off on a bad note due to using only one lightsaber sword, then later pulled out a second one. It turns out that Takuto is a dual swordsman.

As expected, Takuto defeats Takashi – however only this time, rather than the pilot being kicked out, Takashi is greeted by Banishing Age leader, Head. Where he takes his badge and asks him how did he think of the cybody. Takashi smirks in exchange.

@_@; Um, okay. Where should I start?
Dual swords, broom fights, kendo – apparently they said fencing… oh and lightsabers! Lets see, and of course more badass seductive whores? Meh.
Excellent quality animation, hasn’t been faltering too much, so nothing to complain about there.
Honestly speaking I don’t see myself motivated enough to blog this. Yes I’m totally watching it – but writing about it… meh. Not really. I can’t write about something if I’m not that big of a fan. I got to be seriously into it. Who knows, I might pick it up again if I feel I can write about it, but until then it’s off my list for blogging.
Anyhow I found the episode actually quite boring. It was good, but I can’t say it was great. I expect the plot to pick up its pace since judging by the preview, it looks like Takuto and Wako will be hanging out. So I would like to see them both in a pinch where Wako finally gets taken. *DUCKS*


Looks like Takuto’s and Wako’s relationship will be heating up developing next episode!


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