Zakuro becomes irrated by not being sent off for a mission. Kushimatsu tells her it’s because she cannot trust her due to not working well with her partner. Zakuro later goes outside to see Agemaki where they spot an elderly man comming in for a request. So she and Agemaki go and eavesdrop on the man’s request as it turns out that there has been an incident where the village’s women and children have been spirited away. Zakuro interupts immediately, declaring that she will take this request. Agemaki had noticed that Zakuro seems to be very senstive about this mission and asked Kushimatsu why that’s the case where she explains to him how half spirits are born.
They go to the village and find themselves having to share a room at the elderly man’s place. Zakuro freaks and makes a line of stones telling him that he cannot cross this line otherwise she’d stab him. As the night goes by, neither of them are able to sleep. Agemaki tells her that he learned about how half spirits are born, and that’s when she tells him a little bit about herself and how her mother was whisked away twice.

The next day, they don’t have much luck getting any hints. Instead Zakuro finds herself playing with the children and then shortly after that hearing a voice that takes control telling her to, “Come~”. Agemaki snaps her out of it and then they head back to the house.

During the evening, when both are asleep, Zakuro hears the voice again and gets out of bed and leaves the building, Agemaki woken up just on time to realize it and dashed after her, only spotting a large white fox soaring in the sky above them. He finally manages to catch up and snaps Zakuro out of it again just before she enters a suspicious cave and the two of them decides to go in. From up top hills, there are two people in cloaks, who apparently were the ones at fault for bringing her there and had enchanted an illusion of the case of the missing people. They are attacked by the white fox that Agemaki saw earlier.

As Zakuro and Agemaki wander in the cave, they smell and see dead corps skeletons and then encounter the spirit who have eaten the women and children. Enraged, Agemaki rashly goes out to attack only to get caught, with him distracting the monster unintentionally where Zakuro slays him successfully.

Whoa, this was certainly a great episode! I loved the development of the plot, revealing new enemies that are according to Kushimatsu also half spirits (I did not mention this in the summary) and the usual humor between Zakuro and Agemaki. Speaking of him, he’s improving very well – he doesn’t pass out anymore when it comes to contacting/touching Youkai! Then we are getting more backstory and more flash backs about that creepy Persimmon tree, just makes it more awesome – and, what can I say! Kushimatsu looks absolutely stunning in her true form! <3 Also the part where Agemaki thought he had to sing and went, “Bravo, Bravo!” That was just priceless and had to be done!
Oh dear this sounds very rushed! Sorry about that if that’s the case, I got a serious migraine right now. I swear it’s going to snow because of this. =_=; Sorry again. (Thanks Myst for informing me about half of my typos.)

Preview: Because I have a wicked headache, I only did one screen-cap.


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