Shiyomiya Shiori is a shy, quiet girl who loves books. This week continues from last episode, when Shiori wanted to thank Keima however she messed up and couldn’t say it properly. As she is super embarrassed and about to leave, Keima says the taboo sentences for any librarian to hear: Books are useless and should all be made digital. Offended, it takes two tries for Shiori to finally open her mouth and yell out “Baka!” (It means stupid), since the first try she was too shy to say anything.

Awwwwww, don't give up like that... Go Shiori, GO! Tell that bastard!

Keima then claims to Elci that he can finally hear her inner voice, and the rest of the episode goes on as Keima makes Shiori more angry and finally gets her to talk properly.
Keima is still unsure of why she has a loose soul, until he finds a paper showing a list ofbooks to be disposed of because of the new media room that is about to be built. gaspBLASPHEMY!
:3 :3 :3

Afterwards, guess what happens? After some pondering, Keima can
see the
O-O ——–> THE END.
Ha, ha, ha. What a terrible pun.
Ouch. I just re-read it, and it really is absolutely horrid. Anyways, on to the impression (before I go into a horrible pun phase).
Grr. This is not as cute as I wanted it to be. This episode had, once again, an almost total lack of cute moments. It was much more focused on Keima’s amazingness at understanding a girl’s personality. The plot was once again very well done, and this episode was just another build up to get to the amazingness that will be the end of this arc. This show has an amazing plot for a romance genre, and the stories that happen between the girls and Keima are really well done. I wouldn’t say it’s a unique show, but for what it is, it’s much better than any other shows I’ve seen.
Keima’s manipulation methods amaze me. He really knows how to get a girl, and if only he put his mind into it he would totally be the god of Conqueror in real life as much as in 2d games (Elci kind of forces that upon him though… Although Keima seems to have forgotten the “if-you-don’t-do-this-you-will-get-your-head-chopped-off” deal, it still exists!). I feel really bad for Shiori as well, because she’s really cute and can never say what she wants to say. It’s a good thing Keima’s there for her though… 🙂
I can’t wait till next episode comes along, hopefully the cuteness will start! (Build-ups are always long -_-‘ Gotta get used to it, because I’m sure it’ll pay off in the end!)