Type: OVA
Episodes: 4
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School
Producers: AIC Takarazuka
Rated PG-13
Summary: Short stories where heroines try to hide themselves behind their glasses. Will they be able to find love anyway?

As I was going through possible animes that I could watch, I came across this OVA that came out not too long ago. I watched the first episode, and it really intrigued me. It’s a romance show, and although there isn’t such a big plot, romance shows shouldn’t need such complicated plots anyways…
The first episode of this involves Kano Asou and Junichi Kamiya. Junichi comes in the literary club one day and finds a really cute girl there (the girl being Kano). There is, however, the problem that he hates glasses, and Kano wears hers all the time. He still hangs out with her however, and in the end Kano figures out that Junichi has to wear glasses also because his eyesight is bad. When he puts them on he can finally see Kano’s face clearly and suddenly finds her pretty even with her glasses on.
The episode was really good. It was funny, cute, and went to the limits of where romance shows can go. I really liked it.
As for the actual concept of the show, I find it pretty good. Since people usually watch romance shows for the cute moments and the characters and plot don’t matter too much (so long as it makes sense), what they did this time is they just found a whole bunch of cute couples and put them together. There are many different personalities and situations, and the concept of glasses linked everyone together and gave a subject relating to every couple. In the end, this show seems really promising and although it’s not something that would be my favourite show ever I believe that the show has no real potential of screwing up. It seems as though it can be good, however not amazing, since there can be no amazing plotline (The stories are only one episode after all). I am looking forward to the next story already!