Uh huh, that’s right. This time, the love flows between an idol and a normal guy!  It sounds pretty discriminatory I know but hey, that’s exactly what it is XD Ichinohe Aya is the most popular idol right now. She likes relaxing in a certain cafe, wearing a hat and of course a pair of glasses to disguise herself in order for her to have a private life. One day, she is slowly drinking her Manderin coffee when she is asked out by one of the waiters working in the cafe. She accepts to go on a date with him, and if at first she finds it funny that he doesn’t recognize her, after they spend the whole day together she’s pretty much desperate to make him recognize her.The guy being incredibly stupid fairly thick, he doesn’t recognize her at all, and when she tells him she’s a celebrity he calls her an actress from a small theater group. At first Aya is really insulted, however she goes over that, because “After all, truly capable women keep their love life separated from work”.


Impression: … The guy I won’t even bother looking his name up is so incredibly stupid. SERIOUSLY. Aya also kind of made me wanna slap her in the end when she was desperately trying to be recognized, but then again idols want attention I guess… Anyways, this episode was really funny and kinda cute in some way. This episode focused much more on the thoughts of Aya more than the actual date or feelings. Aya wanted to be recognized although she didn’t want to admit it in the beginning, and in the end she decided that it didn’t matter at all. The episode was all about this, and the guy’s idiocy/Aya’s thoughts made everything really funny.

No duh.

Overall, nice story, nice concept again, it’s an original idea that doesn’t follow the usual cliché romance, and the humour is there. Thumbs up!