Flails Cuteness Overload, Cuteness Overload! OMFG THAT WAS SO CUTE!

Come to the dark *Ahem* the light side!

This week’s episode concludes the Shiori arc. Since Shiori wasn’t able to talk and say her opinion on the new media room, she has decided to become a rebellious child act by herself and has locked herself in the library with her books and a random statuette that kinda looks cool despite its randomness.
That's it Shiori, tell those bitches!

Keima finds out about this, and with Elci pierces a whole in the ceiling and enters the library to tell Shiori he will support her. Then follows an interior monologue from Shiori because Keima has decided to completely ignore her and play his game, and Shiori wonders why he doesn’t say anything, and why she should be the one talking.
^.^ No words necessary. Only faces ^.^

Her interior speech is once again flipped and she talks out loud, which is apparently exactly what Keima was waiting for and so he stops playing his game and finally pays attention to her damn that guy knows how to manipulate a girl… He’s so awesome 🙂.  It is then that the head of the library still outside, yelling at Shiori… Dude it’s already dark outside, just give up already… decides to shut down the power and reset the password. This causes Shiori to lose balance and fall on Keima Awwww. A cute moment follows up, and then Keima gives once more one of his amazing speeches explaining Shiori’s personality perfectly and why she isn’t happy at the moment. As Shiori is crushed by this, Keima then comes out and tells her he will help her, in the cutest way he possibly can. They kiss, and the episode ends as Shiori finally finds the courage to tell the other librarians that she doesn’t want the disposal of books and manages to get what she wants by finally talking Yaaaay, happy ending for all.
Impression: Taken straight out of a traditional American romance movie, I have to say the originality of this didn’t impress me much. However, what did impress me was the daaaamn cuteness this was made with and the effects used in order for me to still absolutely adore this show and it’s extremely cute moments.
First off, the personalities of the characters. I keep coming back to them, but this episode reinforced Keima’s personality so much, and really made us understand the difference between him and Shiori.Like the picture states with a priceless facial expression from Keima, Keima doesn’t give a damn about the real world. The difference for him is that he doesn’t want to be able to talk to people. He could, he just doesn’t want to because the 2D world is so much more interesting for him anyways. As much as Keima is a total asshole and every episode reinforces that fact, I still really like his character. His manipulation methods makes him a total player and I would definitely fall for him if he were real… Shiori’s development was also really well tied up in the end, just like Kanon. The last 2 girls were much more detailed and they had some serious personality, giving the whole story much more content (the cute moments were a little more lacking while the story developed however, but the ending was much better in the end).
The special effects used in this episode were also absolutely great. Sound, first of all, was really good, and the songs they used for this episode matched so well with the storyline and gave us a much better understanding of what was going through Shiori’s head. Then came the scene with the falling books where Shiori is being surrounded and buried, symbolizing her feelings of being trapped. When she sees the game console’s light and then Keima takes her and kisses her, it really gives us the feel that he is freeing her of this trap and his words support the images much more than the images support the words. Moreover, these effects at the end of the episode made everything so damn cute. SO. DAMN. CUTE. This show is addicting. I want more cute moments :D.
Ok, I’ll admit it, it was really clichéd. Especially the end. The cheeziness of the kissing scene and Keima’s words seriously made me think I was watching an american romance movie, and it was totally unrealistic. However I still absolutely loved it. The producers made an amazing job at animating this, and they put so many effects in this that it was still absolutely great despite the cheeziness.
Next week is the last episode, I wonder how it will turn out!

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    I think the next season will be April next year. Not too long a wait. ^_^
    I really liked how they used Keima’s PFP screen light to symbolize the ‘light at the end of the dark tunnel’ for Shiori who was buried underneath all those books. It was very fitting and I will agree that the effects for this episode was a little over the top (in a good way). Making the 3D animation for the books must’ve taken a little effort if they didn’t have a ready template for it.
    Regarding the music, I agree it was very fitting. What you heard were the ‘other’ parts of the OP song that aren’t in the actual OP. The original OP song is about 8 minutes long and intro was used at the start and other parts for the ending. Put it all together and you have the whole song ((God Only Knows (Oratorio) – Elisa) 😀

    1. Myst

      Yep, April 2011, it’ll be aired during the Spring season!
      ooooooh, so that’s why the style was so similar… ;P I found it very similar to the opening song and thought they probably had used the same artist… Turns out it’s the same song! haha 😛

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