Tsukimi and Kuranosuke start going through Tsumiki’s jellyfish books and artbooks to get ideas. Kuranosuke vaguely starts to get ideas and then invites Tsukimi over to his house to continue their project. Much to their surprise they see Hanamori’s BENZ and a woman inside. Kuranosuke goes to see and discovers it’s the Landshark, moreover when she met their father and he had asked whether they made it to Final Base, Shuu ran away and Tsukimi was just stunned with shock. Kuranosuke announced that his brother is a virgin, Shouko was absolutely speechless and revealed her blackmail photo to use as ‘evidence’ that they ‘did it‘. Hurt and horrified, Tsukimi runs home leaving her sketchbook behind. Depressed about the news she goes and asks Ms. Mejiro for an advice and was recommended to drink booze. Tsukimi took one glass of the Sweet Sake they received from their neighbors and passed out fell asleep on the sofa and dreamt about swimming with Clara in the ocean without Shouko popping up in the middle and recalled the precious memories of how her mother would pick her up and carry her to her room after she fell asleep. As she sleeps soundly, Kuranosuke carries her to her room.
I was surprised to see that there wasn’t as much development progressing as I hoped. The episode did not shine in its comedic moments, but rather Tsukimi sulking and going as far as taking on Ms. Mejiro’s suggestion to drink booze, where as Tsukimi ended up only having one glass of the Sweet Sake they got from their neighbors who were moving out before falling asleep. She doesn’t look like she can handle alcohol so she may have a hangover, not entirely sure (I don’t drink myself just because I’m not interested – thus I never have experienced a hangover…yet). Anyhow the main criteria that was missing was properly sketching out the dresses rather than just imagine how they’d turn out. Second point that raises my concern there are only two more episodes left, (this show ends at episode 11) so they really need to pick up the pace one way or another within the next episode. Worst case scenario it will feel rushed, I am praying for that not to happen since this show has prooven to be absolutely fantastic.
On the positive note, I think it’s safe to say that we have reached the turning point. Tsukimi will need to get over her ‘heartbreak’ and pour all her energy and ideas into the dresses. Then lastly I wanted to mention, although nothing in particular exactly progressed that much, there was a tiny, and I mean like tiny development between Tsukimi and Kuranosuke – only if carrying her up the stairs to put her to bed counts.
Hanamori, hahaha – he will never fail to amuse me. His BENZ is like his baby! Also served Shouko right for being, *teary*. I found her reactions absolutely hilarious when she discovered Shuu is actually a virgin.


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  1. Myst

    I reaaaally hope they make a second season out of this, let’s just hope for it XD I really like this show and today’s episode was great. They should have made this into a 26-episode thing rather than 13, because the plot is going pretty slowly… However the show is going towards a really good direction and it would suck if they rushed the ending… My solution = 2nd season!
    Kuranosuke and Tsukimi definitely won’t be getting together by the end of the show, I think they’re just gonna end it as a neutral for Shuu fans/lack of episodes (Ok I’ll admit it I’m kinda rooting for both guys in the background)… Hence my solution of a second season -_-‘.
    I thought the episode was pretty damn funny lol! The Landshark’s expression when she learned Shuu was a virgin and the whole thing about Tsukimi getting drunk was really funny XD Rather than the plot for dresses, I think this time the producers focused more on the love plot of the show…
    (Yes, I do love this show and therefore must justify every single bad point you have made in order to prove to you that it’s amazing.)

    1. Eva

      According to MAL and ANN there will only be 11 episodes. It really depends on the outcome of how things progress, otherwise I don’t see this series having a second season. :\
      LOL, don’t worry Myst I don’t hate it. I was just expecting more from this episode itself.

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