gasp I sense a zillion ka-jillion cute moments coming up.

That's a sick ass library...

The beginning of the episode starts off very much like the other episodes before this one: Katsuragi Keima bitches tells Elci that she is ruining his life she is uneducated and has no special powers. Elci decides to redeem herself and goes to the library to study about different things in the human world (In her case, firetrucks. Why? Because They’re RED. Elci’s simple mind amazes me sometimes). It is then that she meets the 4th and last girl Keima will have to conquer in this first season, Shiyomiya Shiori. A shy, timid librarian, it takes a little bit of time before Elci manages to talk to her, and when Keima meets her he doesn’t feel like conquering her because “she is too easy” and a librarian girl type is too predictable. It only takes a little bit of time, however, before he realizes that it might be harder than expected, as Shiori never expresses her thoughts out loud. Shiori is a girl who loves books, and she treats them as well as she would treat any person, and she has read every single book in the library (You deserve respect. Thumbs up.). The most important quality we have seen so far in her character is her very quiet personality, up to a point where she is too shy to say “thank you” when Keima saves her from imminent death falling.
The only cute moment in the whole episode 🙂 I HAD to take it.

Impression: =D I’m sooo psyched for this! The new girl is so cute, I love shy and timid girls like her. They add so much cuteness to everything! This episode did not have anything too interesting except for the last scene in the end. It focused much more on introducing Shiori’s character rather than showing any advancement in the story. On that part, they did a really good job, and it really helped me understand how her personality works. Since they gave such a great introduction for her character, it’ll be much easier to understand why she will react the way she does later on, as her story develops. Her personality makes me believe that the next episodes will be incredibly cute, more so than with any other girl. I’m awaiting the next episode with impatience!
... She still exists?