Sweet deal. Episode 477 was kind of long except for about the last 5 minutes, however episode 478 was GREAT.
Whitebeard gets owned, Marco gets owned, Diamond Jozu gets owned and Luffy survives. The 3 admirals are busy owning Whitebeard’s 3 best fighters, therefore Luffy can run without worrying about them. End of episode 477.
Episode 478 had much more content towards the main plot, which is Luffy’s procession towards Ace. His energy has kind of been brought back, and he advances slowly towards the execution platform, going through countless waves of enemy marines.
Opponents Encountered:
1) Marines (gang): Luffy beats them up for a little while until Ivan-san comes to help him and tells him that he will cover him.
2) Coby: After a long monologue about how he should be courageous and fight for his cause gasp, Coby FAILS and gets punched in the face by Luffy. He’s knocked out in one punch. FAIL.


3) Pacifista: As they show up, Hancock comes to Luffy’s defense once again and the Pacifista recognize her as a friendly unit, therefore they don’t shoot and then Hancock beats them up for saying her name (Only Luffy is allowed, because Luffy’s sooooooooo amazing!). Pacifista avoided. Thanks, Hancock!
The scene then flips to the Whitebeard pirates fighting the 3 admirals.
Marco: He can revive with his phoenix ability, therefore he’s invincible from Admiral Kizaru’s light kick! Oh wait, someone puts Kairouseki (Sea Stone Prism, for those who don’t know) cuffs on him and he gets owned.
Jozu: Iced. He gets owned.

Whitebeard: His disease makes him unable to move as he is stabbed by marines. He is about to fall and get owned when *gasp* he gets back up, says this awesome badass speech (“I don’t need help, I’m Whitebeard!”) and KILLS EVERYTHING.

*music* It's raining men! HALLELUIAH it's raining men!

Meanwhile, the second pair of executors have arrived and try to execute Ace. Luffy freaks out and uses his Conqueror’s Haki to eliminate more than half of the army (including the 2 executors) by himself.
End of Episode! 😀
Impression: Sweet deal. I loved episode 478, episode 477 was more of a necessary build up, however the last 5 minutes where Luffy was revived were great. This episode, we can definitely feel that Luffy is getting closer to the execution platform and not just running/beating people up/running/beating people up and so on. After he has used his Haki, he basically has the whole road ahead of him completely free of enemies, and the remaining people basically just have their jaw on the ground and can’t moved because they’re so shocked. That’s right, he’s not just an ordinary rookie. He has the Conqueror’s Haki! 🙂 The Whitebeard pirates


are slowly getting OWNED, and that’s fairly sad, however I’m sure they’ll find their way out of this. This episode did not have many funny moments (apart from Hancock and seeing Ivan’s face that is… That’s right, even when he’s serious Ivan’s face is part of the funny moments) as it was much more serious and the plot developped itself fairly well. The only thing I’m wating for now is for Luffy to finally ****** *** and for ********** to finally appear. This is taking a looong time… There’s still a long way to go my friends…
Poor lil' Ace... Isn't he starting to feel kinda lonely up there? Just a random thought popping in...

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  1. paper

    Lol, I thought Coby was lame for getting KO’d so quick.
    Finally, the anime’s gotten to the scene where Luffy uses his Haki. I’ve been waiting forever to see that part of the manga animated. For me, it was a bit cooler in the manga.. >3>
    Hancock’s delusions are funny.

    1. Myst

      yeah, it sucks that I read the manga because now I’m just waiting for the good parts to come and it takes forever for the anime to get there… XD Which is why I stopped after reading pretty much the whole Whitebeard arc.
      Hancock’s delusions are absolutely hilarious. They mess up my brain with wtfness sometimes, but in the end I just laugh ’cause it’s so stupid XD

      1. paper

        So where exactly did you stop in the manga? lol, I dont want to say something and then accidentally it spoil for you because that would be horrible.
        pfft, at least she saved Luffy so I can tolerate some of those delusions. The most hilarious one was when she imagined him and her getting married even though its never going to happen. x3

  2. Myst

    Well I got up to the end of the whole Whitebeard arc, and stopped in the middle of Ace and Luffy’s childhood memories. I also know the general basis of what happens next (with the 4-week break and such) but I dunno the details because I haven’t actually read it and only heard about it.
    OMG yeah, that one was funny XD

    1. paper

      Ooh, Did you enjoy seeing their childhood?
      I think it was a bit too long.. A bit shorter and it would’ve been perfect. But, it was nice to see how they grew up and got to know one another. I didn’t expect for Ace to not like Luffy when he first met him. :3

      1. Myst

        Well I only saw part of it but I find all One Piece memories to be too long XD… Chopper’s especially, I mean it’s nice but I kinda got sick of it in the end…

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