Oh my gosh, does this girl give Keima trouble. I thought Aoyama was kind of stubborn and annoying with her aristocracy crap, until I met Kanon. You try to ignore her, she talks to you more, if you still ignore her, she electrifies you with tazers, and if you actually start talking to her, she calls you 50 times a day for any possible reason. Gosh, I feel SO bad for Keima.
Starting off from Kanon’s disappearance which happened last week, we learn that she hadn’t completely disappeared, in fact she just faded a little (which is still kinda weird…). As she mumbles more words, Keima finally understands what was bothering Kanon (the ignoring on his part was all part of his plan to figure out what was wrong with her), and tries to tell her that he cared for the song and fails miserably. As Kanon is having a bad

*AHEM* Yeah. You definitely like her for her personality. Definitely.

time, Keima meets up with her and finally manages to make her understand that he listened to her song AHEMAHEMyou were kind of SLEEPING. We then learn that Kanon is incredibly dependent and annoying like hell and she calls Keima about 4 times a day for the most random reasons. Right before the big concert (there has to be one, obviously XD), she meets up with Keima, and he suddenly starts really liking her although the fact that you saw a little bit down her shirt probably helped. The last scene however brings back Keima’s heartless personality, where Kanon is now gone (right before the concert…smartass) and suddenly Keima can “see the ending”! gasp
Hum… I dunno quite what to say about this ep. It was a nice continuation of the story, however I have a feeling the producers enjoy making these little stories longer and longer… And seriously, I dunno what is wrong with this girl’s mind, but she depends WAAAAY too much on Keima, I feel really bad for him -_-‘ Moreover, if he has to actually start liking her… Bad choice dude, you can do so much better (He does have a certain dose of attractiveness, come on… Ok yeah, he IS an anime character or whatnot, but everyone has already fantasized on certain characters… no?). Apart from that, Elci was incredibly cute (again), Keima’s mom was still incredibly ferocious, and I didn’t actually find this episode that interesting. Not many cute things happened, and even the humour was a little dull at some points. Not that the episode was bad, but compared to the others it just wasn’t one of the best. They did a pretty good build-up on Kanon’s character development however, and next episode will most likely be VERY interesting.

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  1. Eva

    Actually it took this much time in the manga. I was expecting this to end up with this many episodes, moreover not end this mission here. The next girl will probably be just as long since she’s difficult to communicate with. That’s all I’m going to say so I don’t spoil you too much.
    . _ . But yeah, Kanon is crazy.

  2. ryvrdrgn14

    Keima is a pretty interesting character and perhaps a lot of people miss those small parts where he feels a little lonely or sad whenever the girls forget about him in the end.
    This is emphasized in the more recent chapters of the manga (which is pretty good also). Overall it’s a great show with a lot of potential. ^_^

    1. Myst

      I know, I find it really sad that Keima always ends up being the one that’s all sad… I haven’t read the manga, but I really feel as though it’ll come up in the plot… So far this show has really surprised me plot-wise, and I love the fact that a second season is already planned. This way, the plot will go on probably according to the manga instead of ending in a really bad way like I’ve seen other shows do.
      I really like Keima :3

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