Tsukimi is feeling down after having roasted potatoes around a fire due to her memories she shared with her mother. She decides to go to the Aquarium to look at the Jellyfish, hoping to cheer her up. Kuranosuke goes with her, casting the magical makeover spell that fools his brother Shuu once more as he accompanies them. Feelings starts to get out of hand, from sadness, to comfort to jealousy, to freaking out.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH GOD, THIS EPISODE HAD ME CRYING DURING THE FLASHBACKS AND LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF, (ALSO SLAMMING MY FIST ON MY DESK CAUSING MY PARENTS TO TELL ME TO STOP MAKING A RACKET)! This episode was marvelous! At the point when Tsukimi was trying to remove the Kimono I was so anxious that she was about to rip it!

Luckily (hopefully) that wasn’t the case, but afterwards when Shuu just walks in, oh my gosh – HAHAHAHAHA!!!! With that everyone started freaking out, as soon as that happened I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard!

Even so, despite all this chaos of insanity, we got quite a bit of development, especially for Kuranosuke who started to feel jealous just by seeing Tsukimi and his brother hugging. We also got to see more about Tsukimi’s mother, where she got teary or cried by cooking potatoes over a fire, or seeing those gorgeous jellyfish.

Other than backstory and relationships progressing, the main plot about the new development project has been kicked into gears. Kuranosuke learned that there are plans about demolishing the NEET’s retro home and even went as far as bringing the top secret documents about the plan. I am still wondering if he’s finally going to move into that place or not. Ah now that I think of it, no one turned into stone with his appearance, or rather didn’t freak out.

Must’ve been the meat.
Preview: Looks like things are getting tougher now.


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  1. m1ssc0mmun1cat10n

    I am totally loving this show. I was in hysterics when I watched this episode too, and I was totally freaking out that she was going to rip the kimono so the next episode would be epic tension between her and the other girl. (I’m terrible with names.)
    This has got to be the best show this season, for sure. It looked like next episode the nuns are going to realise he’s a guy? I can’t wait for that one!

    1. Eva

      They will have a spazz attack like those two did this episode! Hm, maybe so – not entirely sure though. I think they may be freaking out about the woman that came in (second preview screenshot). I also believe this could be the show of the season. 😀

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