Weeeeeeell, I had figured out that Mio was kind of dumb, considering she still hadn’t noticed that punching Tarou would never cure his masochism, but this episode concluded that thought. Mio is INSANE!
In this week’s episode, Mio decides to be completely stupid and bring Tarou to a beach where swimming is not allowed because there’s a shark alert. She then obviously decides to make Tarou swim (idiot). When that fails, the crabs are next. Now obviously this plan fails also Mio’s just dumb like that . So what Mio decides using her AHEMsmart thinking, that the best way of curing Sado Tarou’s masochism is to play whack the watermelon with his head(Yep, stupidity rules this girl’s brain)!
Anyways, apart from Mio’s insanity, the scene then changes and we see Arashiko and Tarou together, cutesy scenes pop up and decide to say “hello there!”, and then the mood is completely ruined by a mechanic shark who kidnaps the two. Beware, the little smart bitch is back(also known as Hiiragi-san), this time inside a gigantic robot-shark!
So yeah, as I was saying, Hiiragi comes and states that last time, Tarou promised they would play lots together, and so since Arashiko is jealous, they both join in with Tarou and start playing house Talk about a change of pace… I seriously never know what to expect. As Hiiragi and Arashiko become totally jealous of each other, Mio and the others show up and decide “we’re also going to play house!” WTF Anyways, Tarou ends up having a new childhood friend and 2 more lovers in their little game, and thus the episode becomes completely retarded. Just look at how episode 5 was, and the next 2 minutes are pretty much the same thing (AWESOMENESS!). Super Hella Masochist is back, and his opponent this time is a Loli freak! Yep, there goes DBZ references again. That’s right, this show is just amazing like that.

O.o Go back to your childish appearance. NAO. This is just too disturbing.

Now, this part of the episode takes about a minute and a half of the whole 20 minutes. Afterwards, the show goes on as though nothing happened. WTF?!?!?!?! SO AWESOME BUT AT THE SAME TIME: WTF?!?!? Anyways, it is now nighttime, where Arashiko and Tarou have some more cute times together and then the episode ends.

…Can this get any better?
…Seriously. THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING. Arashiko and Tarou definitely got closer, there was a lot of humour put into the show, and SUPER HELLA MASOCHIST WAS THERE!! I loved the fact that they didn’t make another complete filler with the Super Saiyan thing. Although it is a very good idea, to take over another full episode would have ruined it, however this time they only took a whole of 2 minutes for it, and made the fans happy 😀 (well, at least it made me happy and I’m a fan, so I guess that works…). I loved the part where everyone was playing house, that was just so cute/hilarious, and the only thing that really disturbed me during that scene was Hiiragi with boobs O.o. Really, that was just waaaaay too derp (derp=best way to describe stuff. Really).
Apart from that, well Mio’s insane, but I mentioned that at the beginning of the review -_-‘. Really, this masochist curing technique thing is getting on my nerves, and it’s just becoming plain stupid.