My name is ZeroG and I’m a  new member of the crew here, there were so many women they had to call upon me to be their Pimp and offer them protection, so here I am now! From today onward I shall cover Bleach episodes every Tuesday! Please enjoy and comments and what not I’m supposed to say for an intro.

Intro bleach 296


Aizen finished explaining to Ichigo that he is the mastermind responsible for every battle Ichigo ever had to go through. Ichigo, stunned and confused by this new information, engaged Aizen… but without success. Aizen then proceeded to start revealing Ichigo’s own past, but before he could finish, a familiar sillouet appears and stops Aizen half sentence. Who is this mysterious new fighter?


This episodes was half a rerun, half lame with a grain of salt awesomeness (I suck at math what do you want). About half the show was close enough to be considered straight up reruns. Aizen spent over 12 minutes straight explaining he set up every fight Ichigo ever fought, that it was all part of his plan. I mean, I guess saying “It was all part of my plan, I did every thing so that you would become as strong as you are now!”  IS a long sentence to say. But still, 12 minutes of recap for that? I mean, recaps are good to help us remember that one guy that never appeared in any episode in the last 2 years. BUT, ALL of Ichigo’s fight shown in those flashbacks-recaps were EPIC fights! Who could have possibly forgot about the fight between Ichigo and Grimmjow or even worse the battle when Ichigo got his Evil Jesus Super Power (also less known as is Vasto Lorde transformation).

Here we can see Ulquiora fighting Evil Jesus Ichigo... again
Of course you never needed to hear it, everyone already knew who it was!

Still, after about half the show something new finally happenned. Aizen revealed that he knew about Ichigo before our orange haired friend was even born! Ichigo was like “No wai !” and Aizen was like “Yes wai !”. Then Ichigo asked Aizen how he could know who he was before he was even born and Aizen was about to politely respond to Ichigo but some stupid brute interrupted him mid-sentence.  But who is this interruptor you might ask? His silhouette looks kind of familiar…oh ya,look, it’s Ichigo’s father.

OH…MY….GOD, never saw that one coming ! If only there was some foreshadowing before in the serie hinting at the fact that Ichigo’s father used to be a captain in the Shinigami world. If only there was a hint that Aizen sentence if completed would be “You are half human and…[Half Shinigami]” and that the only one who could possibly care that Ichigo learn it from someone else than from his own father mouth… was his father. Maybe, MAYBE, with those clues I could have seen it coming. [/sarcasm]

Well, disregarding my sarcasm, the scene was actually really well done. I felt really immersed into the episode and the atmosphere was awesome. So obviously they had no other choice but to break it! Imagine what would have happenned if they didn’t ruined the atmosphere? the episode would have been actually enjoyable even thought we had to go through 12 min of rerun. I sure am glad they successfully ruined it. So ya, Ichigo’s father went from super epic guy to baffoon, kicked Ichigo in the face and ran away with his little boy.

Then, a “dramatic” family scene was shown where Ichigo’s father was like ” Son I’m sorry I never told you that I’m actually not even human” and Ichigo was like ” What ever you broke the mood 2 minutes ago, I don’t care anymore, see you later! ” and therefore son and father went to fight the evil person once again after this brief time out.

Gin seems as loyal as an hungry lion

Meanwhile Gin went back to check on his pal Aizen and was like ” ya, so, I was watching from up there, waiting to backstab someone” and Aizen was like ” I just hope you’ll backstab the ennemy and not me when the time comes.” and then Ichigo came back and interrupted the conversation, like father like son ( ok actually they were not really talking but if their eyes could talk, they would have). And so Ichigo started fighting Gin (by started I mean they each gave each other a “Immakillu” stare and raised their swords) and his father went after Aizen. And then we saw the “To be continued” and it sucked since nothing really happenned in the episode, but what the hell it was fun anyway.

Stuff I loved about the episode:

We now know Aizen was experimenting on Ichigo since before he was even born

Ichigo now knows his father is a Shinigami

Ichigo’s father can destroy a building by swinging his sword and he can create a force strong enough to project Aizen with only 2 fingers.

Gin will finally do something (maybe) on the next episodes.


While this episode essentially sucked, the next one should be awesome. We will either see some what kind of tricks Gin can do, or maybe new tricks Ichigo’s father and or Aizen can perform, either way mass destruction and ultimate power of doom will be involved.

Stay tuned for next Week episode 297 of Bleach !


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