Ah mustache - so much for a serious shot! Pffth!

Zakuro is still feeling down from what the Black Widow said, and can’t stop thinking about her mother. She goes to Kushimatsu demanding her to tell her the truth but Kushimatsu declines saying it isn’t the time yet. In the mean time, Bonbori and Hoozuki tells Ganryuu about their past, likewise Susukihotaru tells Agemaki about their childhood with Zakuro.

We gotten alot of flashbacks in today’s episode where we started off learning more about Bonbori’s and Hozuki’s past, then quickly onto Susukihotaru who gave us more details about how Zakuro was when they were younger. Finally what we were all waiting for, a piece of memory about Zakuro’s mother and how Kushimatsu knew her as a child. Clearly as I have mentioned in the previous post, I was suspicious whether her mother was human or yokai.
Right now, I firmly believe she’s either a yokai or half spirit, it’s one or the other – I think it’s her father who’s the one that is human. Anyhow speaking of which, we do not know anything about him, so I’m curious if he will be mentioned in the future. However if Zakuro’s mother was one of those women who disappeared in forests and returns delivering birth to a half spirit, it would make sense if we do not get anything about a father.
In in mean time I am asking myself “Why is it that Kushimatsu thinks it isn’t the time yet for Zakuro to know the truth?” In most plots like this, the character who is hidden from the truth will learn early from the enemy and will either be facing straight denial or sadness, where as they usually get taken advantage of. Anyhow Zakuro’s mother may not turn out how Zakuro known her to be. Last point I wanted to make is that now that we are aware that Kushimatsu was connected to Zakuro’s mother since she was around when Zakuro was still a child, I am very well suspicious about her disappearance.


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