……I’m amazed. Keima just simply amazes me, in every single possible way. I…I… I just don’t understand how he could spend so much time on one single game. But then again, at the same time this show still made everything look cute, and the characters remained true to themselves so far. This show is definitely something that amazes me as well.

In this week’s episode, Elci worries about Keima for being on his PFP all day long (Hahaha, what a horrible pun -.-). When she asks, he tells her that there is this one dating game that is rumoured to be impossible to beat because of a glitch in the game, causing the same scene to repeat over and over again. There are many glitches to the game, and it is absolutely horrible, however Keima is determined to beat it because he is the God of Conquering and can’t be titled like that if he can’t beat this one game (According to his own thoughts, anyways). He then decides to try every single possible pattern of choices in order to be able to find a way to go around this glitch. After many, many, many, many hours of gaming, and after almost going insane over this glitched game, Keima finally finds the pattern around the bug and manages to finish it.
…..As I said before, I am amazed. I have to mention that Keima’s personality is quite interesting. He can’t just be called a video game freak anymore, because it wouldn’t emphasize on his gamer personality enough. I mean, HOLY CRAP, to be able to spend so long on this one game that’s glitched, he seriously has to be insane in the brain. The term “gamer” doesn’t even apply anymore. I think the word “maniac” fits in much more, don’t you?

"What are you going to have?" I don't know and I DON'T CARE, YOU'VE ASKED ME THE SAME QUESTION 20 TIMES ALREADY!!!!

Now, any normal person reading the summary would believe what was being said in the last paragraph. However, we’re talking about an episode of The World Only God Knows: The cutest anime show that has ever existed in Japan. Therefore, yes, when Keima said the sentence “The glitch isn’t Sora’s (The girl in the game) fault” and then explained that he was the only one who could make her feel less lonely, I found it extremely cute.
Last episode, I thought that Keima was kind of losing his geeky personality and manners, and he suddenly was starting to have more of a “cool guy” feeling, however this week solved it all. It brought us back to how he acts normally, and helped us get a better feel of his personality.
As for Elci, she is really cute. I love her personality so far, she’s cute, innocent, clumsy, worries about Keima all the time and is so carefree. I love carefree characters like her, and the beginning of the episode was absolutely cute and hilarious because of her. The rest of the episode emphasized these character traits (noted above), and sometimes I even forgot that she is, in fact, a demon. So far, she’s the one who seems to be manipulated by Keima most of the time -_-‘. Poor little cutiepie….. :(. In this week’s episode, she was the one that made everything so damn cute, while Keima was just out there playing his video game all the time (Except for the one scene which I shouldn’t find cute but I still do, but nevermind that for now, it would just destroy my whole point XD).
Pff. Keima, you're so mean.

As for my overall impression of the show so far: It’s amazing and I love it. It focuses a lot on the characters and personalities of the people rather than the story, which is amazing for a show like this in the beginning. Hopefully, it won’t turn into an endless pit of episodes that end with no actual plot, however right now, for something that will last 2 seasons (Yes, a second season has already been green-lit), it has a really good start. If in a show the characters have no substance, then the story won’t be able to have any substance either. Considering how this show is going right now, the producers still haven’t made any major mistakes yet, and so I believe it will turn out so much more amazing than it already is. Hopefully I won’t be deceived by the rest of the show, so far I don’t have a feeling this will happen, however it’s impossible to predict how a show will turn out in the end. I really hope I won’t be deceived though, the show has an extremely amazing start.