The LUUUUURV is starting :3. Aaaaaaaand, it seems more interesting than what I expected.
On a side note, I’d like to mention that the graphics for this show are amazing. It gives this show a much better flavour, and Kirino and Ayase actually look like models, they look really cute. Taking screenshots for this show was always a pleasure for me since there are so many good shots =D.
This week, Kirino invites her school friends at home. She orders her bitch Kyousuke not to come out of his room and to see her friends. As they come in, however, Kyousuke is downstairs, and his eye catches on to one of Kirino’s friends, Agaraki Ayase. After a little bit of eavesdropping in his sister’s room, Kyousuke comes downstairs and receives this box with the name of a very famous make-up company written on it. It apparently comes from Saori. as Kirino takes it from him and goes upstairs to open it with her friends, Saori calls Kyousuke and tells him that what’s in the box is in fact a bunch of otaku games. Hearing this, Kyousuke hurries upstairs, takes the box and runs back downstairs, chased by Kirino. After a quick fight and embarassing situation, Kyouhei ends up outside, not allowed in the house. As Kirino’s friends leave, Ayase stays for a bit and talks to Kyousuke, where they exchange phone numbers.


Then follows another day, and Kirino asks Kyousuke to take her somewhere (in order to pay him back for what he did to her, or should I say because he’s her bitch and anything he does needs to benefit her), and so Kyousuke takes her to the Summer Comiket with Kuroneko and Saori. At first, all Kirino does is complain because everything’s overly overcrowded (No, really.), however as she walks around and Saori shows her different things, Kirino ends up having a lot of fun with her new friends (and Kyousuke, who’s now pretty much Kirino’s enslaved bitch companion and bagholder). Kuroneko and Kirino are definitely becoming much better friends, although both of them will never admit it themselves.
Great episode :). The first half of the episode was quite interesting, in a good way and in a bad way as well. The romance between Ayase and Kyousuke is palpable and really made me want to keep watching. The incest that is now starting, however is a little less fun….. I don’t even know why I’m blogging this show, considering I usually deeply hate incest….
OF COURSE. That would definitely happen -_-. I might have found it funny, if it wasn't for the fact that this is one of the most clichéd scenes ever. Oh, and there's also this little detail: SHE'S YOUR SISTER.

I have to admit though, it hasn’t shown through much yet. The one scene that bothered me was the “accident” where Kyousuke suddenly looks as though he’s full-out raping Kirino although he’s the one who’s more likely to get raped, if Kirino keeps taking advantage of him. I mean, come on, I don’t think I’ve seen many more scenes that could be more clichéd than that -_-‘. It will happen more often as the episodes go on, however, and so I’ll close my eyes and try not to comment too much on it………….. Ok, scratch that, I definitely WILL comment on it because that’s just how I am. I’ll just try to look more for the good parts of the show :).
As for the second half, it was really funny, and sometimes really cute. Kuroneko and Kirino are becoming much better friends now, and it definitely shows, although they both won’t admit it. I still get the feeling more and more that Kyousuke is totally being used by his sister…. I really hope Kyousuke won’t like her, she’s a bitch -.- She really is. Ayase looks much prettier than her, and she’s so much nicer, too. GO AYASE! (I know it won’t work out because of the name of the show, but I don’t care, just leave me alone in my fantasies before I go curl up in my corner when Kirino and Kyousuke get together)
Alright. So right now, we’ve got Kyousuke’s friend, Kirino and Kirino’s friend as potential lovers. Some intense romance is going to happen in this show, definitely.