The Shinsengumi returned to Edo after having to retreat and seek shelter in Shinagawa, Kamaya. During their stay, Hijikata has been working day and night trying to prepare for the upcoming battle since Kondou isn’t there at the moment due to recovering from being shot.

In the evening, Hijikata deals with the Rasetsu overcoming him and manages to force it back. Chizuru comes by as this happens asking if she can do anything to help him and the others out since they have protected her so many times and wants to do something in return. Hijikata gives in and tells her to make tea. Keisuke comes in afterwards and gives Hijikata the medicine to reduce the urges he just encountered a second ago, however he stubbornly declines it. Keisuke leaves it there anyways and adds that he has been following Sannan who mysteriouslycreeps along the city at night, clearly doing something suspicious.

The next day, Sannan appears saying that he couldn’t sleep at all since he came up  with an idea. He remarks how her demon blood may be able to suppress the Rasetsu’s blood lust and she may be able to save them all. He takes out a blade and reassures her that he won’t kill  her – Hijikata interferes right on time to prevent Sannan from going any closer from Chizuru. Sannan says he will rest his case for the day and leaves. Hijikata warns Chizuru not to wander  around at night since there has been suspicious killings and Sannan could be the culprit. After that she drops by to visit to see Souji who is living separately from the others so he can heal properly.

Kondou returns telling them that they will be defending the Koufu Castle for their next mission where the Shogunate has provided them two cannons , firearms and necessary funds for the battle. The guys aren’t’ pleased to hear this. Afterwards they have a small talk about how they don’t like the idea. Nagakura says that he is a squad leader in the Shinsengumi but has no intention for being Kondou’s retainer. Hijikata makes a valid point of the purpose why they are defending the castle, he adds that the Rasetsu squad will have to wait order before they can enter the field. Sannan is not pleased and protests.

The next day Chizuru finds the guys with their hair cut, and dressed up in western outfits – mostly complaining about the buttons. Chizuru sees that they have prepared an outfit for Souji so that he can join them as soon as he recovers. From there on the move out and make their way to their destination.

Nothing much happened in this episode. It was mainly focusing on their battle preparations and (attempt to) develop the relationship between Hijikata and Chizuru. What made it clear this episode is that he’s pretty oblivious at the moment about how Chizuru is attracted to him. Another thing is we also learned that Sannan is really obsessed determined to use their zombies Rasetsu powers in the battle, and he also believes that Chizuru’s blood will be able to quench their thirst – therefore targeting her. Souji is still bedridden due to being shot by silver-bullets in his previous battle along with his poor health state.  Gah I want him back on his feet, he’s my favorite one of them all! ;^; And finally, action will definitely be kicking in the next episode – looks like they are encountering the Oni Clan.
Extra: I will be covering this series every two weeks since Moe and I will be doing an Even/Odd method coverage for this series. So since she has her hands full, I’ll be doing this week’s episode. Just as a note, this starts as “Episode 13”, since it’s continuing where it left off in the previous 12 episodes season. However please note that the first season has not been covered on this site. If you are interested, though I didn’t cover it much, you can read it :here at my livejournal: where it’ll give you an idea what I have thought of the first season.
Anyhow when it comes to this series being subtitled, it seems last priority (again) so it will sometimes only come out at least five to seven days later after it has been aired.


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