Introducing the most unique and strangest neighbors!


Kurashita Tsukimi is an eighteen years old young lady who absolutely loves Jelly Fish. Her mother passed away when she was a child and so she now lives in Tokyo in an apartment complex that has four other ladies who are hardcore fangirls of certain things like herself. Tsukimi starts off trying to get to Shibuya, but there were too much dazzling princesses for her handle and ran back home. Later that evening she finds herself thinking about her mother while she draws Jelly Fish and heads to a pet store where she talks to a Spotted Jelly Fish named Kulala.

She gasps in horror worrying about Kulala’s health by sharing a tank with an Aurelia. She struggles to tell the clerk about the problem due to him because a “Chic” (handsome guy). After freaking the store clerk out and failing to deliver her message she bumps into a sparkling walking barbie doll lady who speaks for her totally charming the guy by her looks. She tells Tsukimi to get the Jelly Fish – in the end it’s the woman who purchased it for her. Tsukimi promises to pay her back as they head back to the apartment. When the get inside she tells the lady to go in quietly because her roommates will freak for seeing a gorgeous beauty in their place. They place Kulala in the bath tub in the mean time until Tsukimi gets a tank. After that the lady crashes in Tsukimi’s room falling asleep forcing her to leave to her be. The next morning Tsukimi wakes up to her horror that the lady is actually a man who like to cross dress.

First Impression:
Wow. I can see this show going in a fantastic direction already. The characters are all unique, the animation is refreshing, the colors are dazzling, the plot sounds hilarious. Only thing is we haven’t been introduced the guy’s name, which by the way is: Koibuchi, Kuranosuke.
There were three hints about Koibuchi being a guy:
#1: His Voice,#2: Sign of a Wig, #3: Clothes thrown everywhere – *DUCKS*

I caught on the idea just based off the first hint. I just knew this guy would turn out as a cross dresser! I cannot wait to see how the romance will bloom here (if that does happen). I see Koibuchi aiding Tsukimi into becoming the princess she never felt she has been able to do. The Opening, gosh I was laughing – you see Star Wars, Kill Bill, 007 James Bond,  Mary Poppins, etc… and now when I look at Tsukimi’s character appearance she reminds me of Ugly Betty (except with no braces), a popular American comedy. In fact, speaking of American shows and films – this series really looks like it’ll be picking them off quite often. Anyhow I think Tsukimi will turn out to be an adorable girl!
So am I covering this series? Most definitely. I got nothing to cover on Fridays anyways, so this will work out like a charm! 😀


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