…Why is it that I can suddenly see how horrible this show could become, when the first episode was soooo amazing? This week’s episode just gave me really good hints telliong me how BAD this show will become. I can see where this show is going, and I don’t like it.

Haha, sucker. That's what you get. Nice one, Erika.

This episode starts after the whole vampire issue, during the opening ceremony. We learn that Hasekura Kouhei was late for the meet up that Erika had planned, apparently to suck his blood confess. After a scene with Iori acting like a total idiot once again and after a total humiliation by Erika during the opening ceremony concerning what happened in the bath, the scene flips to the first day of class, where Kouhei gets mocked at for the bath scene, and where we meet a new character: Kuze Kiriha. She seems basically like a quiet, rough girl that hates talking to people and is always late for class. Seeing as he is still being humiliated by the whole school, Kouhei tries to go and apologize to Erika, however she is always with other people. As he is trying to find her, he accidently bumps into Kiriha, and helps her clean up, however she stays completely emotionless (wow, at least say thank you). Then follows a funny scene involving Kanade taking over Kouhei’s room for a tea party (What? There’s nothing wrong with that… Gotta love Kanade and her amazing personality!)
The next morning, we learn that Kiriha is in fact super smart in math and super lazy in every other subject. Then, gasp! Yukimaru’s disappeared again, I mean come on, take the hint, he probably doesn’t want you as it’s master! As Kouhei learns this, he absolutely has to help the little girl (not that I forgot her name, but I kinda did :3). The girl’s brother also decides to help, and tells everyone to go look for the rabbit. As Kouhei is searching, he sees Erika and decides to go apologize since she is finally alone, however Yukimaru appears and Kouhei saves the rabbit from an imminent soccer ball death.
*gasp*... I would have been surprised about her eyes turing red, if it wasn't for the fact that it was mentionned in the episode summary that she's a vampire. She looks really cool though, I have to admit.

As Kouhei’s hand is bleeding, Erika freaks out again when touching his hand, and everyone
...Is Iori the cliffhanger dude or what?

appears and ruins the time for Kouhei to apologize for the bath. The scene then changes, and we see Erika suddenly coming to Kouhei in the friendliest way possible, telling him that she exaggerated during the opening ceremony and etc. The episode then ends where Iori finds out what made Erika freak out, it is in fact Kouhei’s blood that is apparently not normal.
Alright. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! This show is slowly on its way to imminent failure. Many people will have trouble believing me, however I can totally see where this show is going: Nowhere.
First off, there are too many characters. I understand that, for the first episode, we need to meet all of them, and I’m fine with that, but we don’t need to see all of them every single episode. This time, as if it wasn’t enough, they even added another character, and there seems to be a little bit of soon-to-be romance going on between Kiriha and Kouhei, totally ruining the soon-to-be romance between him and Erika. That’s not including the younger of the Yuki sisters, where some childhood memories of love might pop up -_-‘. Had enough already? I’m not done. The fact that there are too many main characters make it so that all of them will eventually have a lack of personality, or they will end up in a bunch of annoying episodes explaining their story, therefore making the story lack in actual plot.
That’s not all. In my first paragraph, I didn’t include the plain fact that some characters confuse me or completely piss me off. First off, the ******* rabbit -.-. SERIOUSLY?! All it freaking does is live in a cage and wait for the time to be annoying and run away. Then, there’s Erika. Wow. Talk about a piss off. She started as a really good character, funny, nice but likes taking revenge on other people, etc. Then the producers ruined it all when they decided to forget completely her actions toward Kouhei in the first episode. Seriously, I think I missed something. She was completely ignoring him in the first ep and couldn’t see him without freaking out, and now she’s super nice towards him!………..Wat? I don’t get it.
... Did I miss something?

Another reason why this show is totally going down the drain: Cliffhangers win, follow-ups FAIL. What the hell happened after Kouhei saw Iori sucking up a girl’s blood?. Suddenly, he’s at the opening ceremony and we totally forgot about that part of the story! I seriously doubt Iori would’ve just let him leave like that, without telling him something about it… Seriously, that was a total FAIL. It makes me completely unexcited for episode 3, considering the cliffhanger from this episode will probably end in the same way. Bleh.
Anyways, basically, this show still seems okay, however there are so many flaws I found that will probably make this show crumble completely. My predictions for this aren’t very good. I was very deceived with what was given to me in this episode, and I can definitely see where this is going. I don’t like it (On a more positive, but very random note, the opening song OWNS and the art is amazing!).

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  1. Eva

    //What the hell happened after Kouhei saw Iori sucking up a girl’s blood?. //
    This. I was like, “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” when it was completely brushed off. This was nothing more than an excuse of a filler like you said to introduce new characters. However at the same time, I did get a good laugh here and there, but anyhow I do hope that it won’t get worse.

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