Amano is the first one to give it a shot of selling her sweets. She progresses in selling, but only very few of them. Then during her break, she and Johnny had dropped by several shops to try out the sweets and eventually stopped by Andou’s place where there was an enormous line up thanks to the regular customers from his family’s shop. Turns out Andou was running slowly and was low on stock, unable to fulfill his customer’s requests. (No surprise since he’s the only guy cooking!) Before heading back, Johnny takes Amano to an American shop and there she learns his dream and why he came to Japan.

Clearly if your sweet is SHINING there is something SHARP in it!

Next was Kashino who mostly pissed off his customers because they were mostly girls who were gushing about his looks. Then Lemon looked like she was going to do alright, however lost customers because of no place to sit down and eat. Johnny’s round wasn’t so great either, and his mascots that Amano, Kashino and Lemon had to wear scared children away. So much of that.

With the day over and the group learns they are running low on the funds they received for their shop. Lemon and Johnny starts freaking out and babbling how they should get Koshiro to donate some money to them. Amano tells them to shut up be quiet and tells them they should be openly sharing their opinions and ideas and working together as a team since they are supposed to be partners. After that they head over to see how Andou is doing where there’s almost nobody in the shop. Only from there it gets worse. Henri’s secretary comes in and declares that Andou is on the watch list of being shut down if the service doesn’t improve within a month time.

So this episode, wasn’t as exciting as the last two, there were some funny parts but they didn’t make me laugh hysterically like I usually do. Anyhow in other words, this turned out to indirectly be a serious episode, and it’s just going to get more intense as the story progresses. I am actually pleased to hear that Andou is on the watch list for shops that may be forced to close down. If he were to succeed just like that, it would be completely unrealistic. Thankfully the Production team made a smart move. I also surprised in a way that it seems like Kashino and Ichigo swapped roles in who’s the oblivious one when it comes to romance. Last season we saw Kashino just blushing every now and then, clearly uncomfortable with the unknown emotions he was feeling. Now it’s Ichigo who seems to be very aware about her own feelings towards Kashino however refuses to admit it publicly. I have to give Chocolate a karma for lecturing the guy about how her Girl’s Instinct comming into play – and she’s damn right about it. Johnny is making his move because he knows that he’s going to have to put in extra effort to get Amano eyes to shine while talking about him instead of Kashino.

Like I just said, looks like it’s going to get tougher and a matter of having enough stamina and endurance to successfully pull through. It seems like Andou’s getting sick again (this isn’t the first time this happened) from overworking. At the same time, Ichigo is dozing off due to working for god knows how long as well. As for the romance development, more they are focusing more on Johnny’s and Amano’s relathionship – but seriously though, even if they aren’t going to actually give Johnny a chance… Don’t bother making it so damn obvious in the OP that the final pairing will most probably be Amano x Kashino. I honestly don’t get why they even bother spoiling everyone this! =3=; I don’t really care if it’s for fandom promotion purposes. Still not a good enough reason for me.


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